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New Arrival Sections:

UPDATED: 150831-0902

 Army Aviation Units


- - - -
77th Artillery Regiment, 4th Aerial Rocket Artillery BN COBRA_141026
4th ARA BN, 77th ARTY REGT, AH-1 COBRA, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.........inquire
( The 4th Aerial Rocket Battalion supported the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam )

77th Artillery Regiment, 4th Aerial Rocket Artillery BN 'MAULEN(mauling?) COBRA SWIFT-DEADLY'_141026
Not sure of the exact ID but this patch (in various sizes) has been seen on NOMEX Flyer's Shirts of 4/77th Aviators, made in Vietnam, Residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

77th Artillery Regiment, 4th Aerial Rocket Artillery BN, A Battery 'THE DRAGONS' _141026
A/4/77th "THE DRAGONS", made in Vietnam, puckered(common error in Viet tailor shops), UnUsed.......inquire

77th Artillery Regiment, 4th Aerial Rocket Artillery BN, B Battery 'TOROS'_2x_141026
B/4/77 ARA, made in Vietnam, residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
"TOROS", residue on back, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

77th Artillery Regiment, 4th Aerial Rocket Artillery BN, C Battery '101st ABD Eagle with Lightning Bolt'_141026
C/4/77th "AERIAL ARTILLERY", Collector's ID on back, residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

MACV Flight Detachment (later CAC)_141014
MACV Flight Detachment, merged with USARV FLT DET circa 1966 which became the Command Aircraft Company circa April 1969, made in Vietnam, Unused......(sold)

A Troop, 1st SQDN, 9th AirCav APACHE Aero Scout PLT_141014
A/1/9th Air Cavalry Regiment, made in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)

B Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion (Aero Scout Company) 'WARLORDS'_141015
B/123rd AVN BN "WARLORDS", made in Vietnam, RFU, soiled and puckered from wear/washing, UnUsed........(sold)

184th Airplane Company (SAL)_141014
184th Surveillance Airplane Company, flew O-1s, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, pinholes at top and bottom, UnUsed.........(sold)
( this design may have been replaced circa 1969(?) )

187th Assault Helicopter Company 'CRUSADERS' 'MAGGOT'_141014
187th ASHC , machine embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)

162nd AVN CO(AH) 'STS' 'VULTURES'_141003
162nd Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) "VULTURES" "STS", Large 2 11/16"(vertical) DI Pocket Hanger(hanger strap has been cut-off), made in Asia, Used......inquire
1st Design Air Assault Badge, came with the 162nd PKT HNGR, Used........inquire    

11th Aviation Battalion (Combat), RED-DOG FIREFLY'_141001
     Well-executed Hand-embroidered patch from Vietnam on "pebblecloth", UnUsed.........(sold)

B,7,17TH AIR CAV and-or H,17th Air Cav REGT callsign 'UNDERTAKER'_141001
The "UNDERTAKER"  callsign patch was used by two 17th CAV units per the "WINGED SABERS" Book by Lawrence Johnson, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, one of the better quality patches from the RVN, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........(sold)

54th Helicopter Ambulance(HA) 'DUST OFF', made in Vietnam_140921
54th Medical Detachment(Helicopter Ambulance), made in Vietnam, paper and cheescloth backing materials, UnUsed........(sold)
( Unit arrived in the RVN at Chu Lai (MR 1) circa August 1967, OJT'd with the 498th Medical Company, Operational September 25, 1967 in support of the 23rd ID (Americal) )

7th Squadron, 1st AirCav 'MEDIC' 'BLACK HAWKS', made in Vietnam_140921
7/1st Air CAV, callisign "BLACK HAWKS", OG Burlap backing material, with "MEDIC"embroidered at top(never seen before), RFU, Used.......(sold)
( The patch in the "Winged Sabers Book by L. H. Johnson does not have the word "MEDIC" on it, a RARE patch with the "MEDIC" and having the OG Burlap backing!!!! )

A Troop, 2nd SQDN, 17th AirCav, callaign 'ASSAULT', made in Vietnam_140921
A/2/17th AirCav, callsign "ASSAULT", made in the RVN, stains and the borders are puckered(very typical for Viet machine-embroidery), UnUsed.........(sold)

D Troop, 17th Air Cavalry 'SABRE', Viet made_140911
D/17th AirCav, callsign "SABRE", made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

503rd Aviation Company, 3rd Armored Division_140909
503rd AVN CO, 3rd ARMOR DIV, German made, stationed at the Flieger Horst Kaserne, Germany, RFU, Used.......inquire

3rd BDE 'SNOOPY FLIGHT', 1st CavDiv_1240909
"SNOOPY FLIGHT" of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile), made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

7th Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry Regiment 'RUTHLESS RIDERS'_3x_140731
( ALL three patches are from the same Veteran )
(LEFT) 7/17th Cavalry Regiment, RFU, stitching thread still present, Used......inquire
(CENTER) RFU, stitching thread still present, Used.......inquire
(RIGHT) stitching thread still present, RFU, Used.......inquire
USA made Patches - they are similar to  the ones their CO had made at a New York City Army/Navy Store befoe they shipped to the RVN.

7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry 'RUTHLESS RIDERS', subdued Issue_140911
7/17th Cavalry Regiment, UnUsed.......inquire

180th ASHC 'BIG WINDY' 'GOD IS OUR CO-PILOT', made in USA_140728
180th Assault Support Helicopter Company, USA made with the Dark Green CH-47(not the common color), UnUsed......inquire

118th AHC, 3rd Platoon (GUNS) 'BANDITS', Viet made_140724
3rd PLT, 118th Assault Helicopter Company, made in Vietnam, pencil trace line on front, ID on reverse, UnUsed........inquire  

18th CHFM, 65th TC(LtHel) 'RELIABLE', in Alaska, CH-21 Shawnee(flying banana)_140701
UnCommon 18th Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance Detachment attached to 65th Transportation Company(Light Helicopter) June 1960 - September 1962 and subordinated to the USARAL Aviation Battalion in April 1961, notice the ARCTIC Paint scheme(Coast Guard style) on the CH-21 "Flying Banana", RFU, Used........inquire

2-20th Aerial Rocket Artillery Battalion, 1st CavDiv_140629
2/20th ARA BN, 1st Cavalry Division(Air Mobile), Issue SSI with "2/20" embroidered in Vietnam, RFU(stitching thread still present), minor damage above the Horse's neck, Used.......inquire
Unit flew UH-1B/Cs and AH-1Gs....became the "BLUE MAX" and in 1972 was relieved of duty with 1st CAVDIV; Relocated to Fort Carson and to Assigned to 4th ID.  

AVN_Bulk Scan_D-229th & F-8th CAV_140516-0345
F Troop, 8th Cavalry, "SCOUTS HUNTER KILLER", Large Tab/Scroll, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
D Company, 229th Aviation Battalion(Armed Helicopter), Aero Rifle Platoon Scouts (ARPS), "RESCUE RECON", UnCut Arc/Scroll made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

119th Aviation Company (Airmobile,Light)_140517
119th AIRMOBILE UnCut Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, has been folded vertically and stored for 40 years (crease can probably be "ironed-out(?)), UnUsed.......inquire

57th TC (LtHel) 'WORK-HORSES'_140704
57th Transportation Company(Light Helicopter), First design worn at Fort Lewis, Washington and in Vietnam circa 1961-62, know as: "MILT'S MISFITS" (1962) and "DEANS OF THE HELICOPTER CORPS" (1962 - 1963),  Inactivated in June 1963 and Assets given to the 120th AVN CO(AML)
- - - -
AVN_YAH-64 'FLIGHT TEST' Hughes Helicopters_140612
- - - -
35th Signal Group, Aviation 'VULTURES'_140413
Supported the 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg
- - - -
21st Aviation Company (RAC) 'BIRD DOGS' 'BLACK ACES'_2 x variations_140322
- - - -
AVN_Bulk Scan_6th TC, 45th TB_140312
6th Transportation Company (Helicopter)
45th Transportation Battalion (Helicopter), went to Vietnam in 1962 - ReDesignated 145th CAB in 1963)
- - - -
140th TD(CHFM)(?) Beercans DIs & 440th TC 'ROAD RUNNER' patch_x4_140305
The red/white checkered cloth is from a Stewardess's apron that flew the "Freedom Flights" out of Vietnam.....the apron a bunch of patches on it that had been given to her by GIs going home.
The 440th TC is probably a ground transportation unit(?)
I think the Beercans belonged to the maintenance unit that had several DETs around Vietnam, anyone know the ID for the  Beercans?
- - - -
Both patches from the same Pilot
3rd Helicopter BN, Class 58-7 'FLYING JACKRABBITS'_140212
Pilot Training Class 7 of 1958..................(SOLD)
3rd Helicopter Battalion "PERFORMANCE ABOVE AND BEYOND"
Anyone know what time frame the Army used the term "HELICOPTER" in their unit Designators?
- - - -
Army Aviation, Vietnamese made Beercan DIs Bulk Scan_150dpi_131212
Poor scan at 150dpi but the program would not accept the 600dpi JPEG's size.
If you are serious and have a good ISP, ask for the 600dpi JPEG scan, these are expensive.
(washed-out look is from laying a plastic sheet on the scanner bed so the Beercans would not scratch the glass)
- - - -
AVN_Bulk Scan-1_131211-1712
1st Aviation Brigade, Issue and Local made SSIs

AVN_Bulk Scan-2_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-2A_131211-1712
Aircrewman's Grouping

AVN_Bulk Scan-3_131211-1712
Black Hawk 7/1 CAV
Co A/1st AVN Service Platoon
2nd Aviation Company(Fixed Wing-Light)
Long Range Patrol, 3/4th CAV "CENTAUR"
7th Infantry Division "FLYING BAYONETS"
Blackhawk 7/1 Cavarly, 7th ID Flying Bayonets

AVN_Bulk Scan-4_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-5_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-6_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-7_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-8_131211-1712
174th  AHC "SHARK, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
176th AVN CO "MINUTEMEN" "16 A",  made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
185th RECON APLN CO "PTERODACTYL",  made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
199th AVN "SWAMP FOX",  made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
201st AVN Company(AH) "RED BARONS",Tail Number "586", RFU.........(sold)
 214th Combat Aviation Battalion, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

AVN_Bulk Scan-9_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-10_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-11_131211-1712

AVN_Bulk Scan-12_AIRCRAFT_Bell,Cobra,Mohawk_131211-1712
- - - -

- - - -

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 Army Ground Units


- - - -
502nd Parachute Infantry EM Collar Brass_141218
Two-piece PX Enlisted Brass with Infantry Discs with 4 x Brass clutches, the protective coating needs to be removed with Brasso, Used.......inquire
( 2-piece Brass similar to this set was sold in the PXs circa 1950s into the 1960s )

18th Military Police Brigade & 'SENTRY DOGS' Arc_141212
"SENTRY DOGS" Tab hand-embroidered in Vietnam, RFU, Used........inquire
18th Military Police Brigade, hand-embroidered with Border done by a machine, UnUsed.......inquire
These did not come together - Tab was placed over the SSI to show how the Arc was worn on fatigues.

20th MP BN, '67 VIET NAM 68' 'RIVER RATS' & C CO. 87th IR_141212
20th Military Police Battalion, "RIVER RATS" "67 VIET NAM 68", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, RFU, Used.......inquire
C and D Companies(Rifle Security), 87th Infantry Regiment were assigned to the 18th MP BDE, Beercan made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
( One Company assigned to the 95th MP BN at Long Binh and the other to the 720th MP BN circa 1966-69 )

557th MP Company 'THE GUNRUNNERS'_141212
557th Military Police Company "THE GUNRUNNERS", UnUsed........inquire

709th MP Battalion 'SECURITAS COPIARUM'_141212
709th Military Police Battalion, DI probably made in Germany, only 1 clutch-back, Used.......inquire
( JPEG is dark - DI is in excellent condition - just a bad PHOTOG at the controls )
- - - -
2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th ID, with AN KHE fixed arc_141001
2nd SQ, 1st CAV REGT, 4th Infantry Division at "AN KHE", hand-embroidered  in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

Viet Cong Hunting Club, 'NEANDERTHAL VC'_300dpi_140804
Know as the "Neanderthal VC", made in Vietnam, scanned at 300dpi, Unused.......inquire

1st CavDiv stamped Pinback DIs_3x_140731
Japan Occupation or Korean War era 1st Cavalry Division DI SET, Used........inquire
( This SET will NOT be broken-up, they have been together for 60 years, don't ask! )

173rd Airborne Brigade, DI made in Japan_140731
DI with one POST, Japanese made, Used........inquire
- - - -
5th ARMY 'usARCTICcan' Tab_Exercise SWEETBRIAR_140620
ARC made for the Joint USA-Canada Exercise SWEETBRIAR circa 1949-50, worn by the 1st BN, 14th IR out of Camp Carson, CO above the 5th Army SSI, participating Canadian units were: 1st BN, Princess Patricia's Light Infantry and Royal 22nd Regiment, Aggressor Forces provided by the 4th IR(Light ARCTIC) based in Alaska, UnUsed........inquire
(These were not found together, I got the ARC out of Alaska, value in the ARC)

GHQ HONOR GUARD_General Headquarters Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers(General MacArthur's HQs) for Occupied Japan_140701
SOLD Separately
"HONOR GUARD" scroll was worn above the GHQ and 6th ARMY SSIs, made in Japan, UnUsed........inquire
"GHQ" SSI made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

6th ARMY 1st & 2nd Designs_140704
Older 6th ARMY SSI with cream backing thread, UnUsed.......inquire
WWII SIXTH ARMY Insignia, all-cream on the reverse, UnUsed.......inquire

6th ARMY 'HONOR GUARD' made in Japan_140704
SOLD Separately
Japan made "HONOR GUARD" Scroll, worn above the 6th ARMY and GHQ SSIs, UnUsed........inquire
WWII era 6th ARMY Issue SSI, cream back with collector's ID, Unused........inquire

101st Cavalry Regiment_140528
101st CavRegt removed from Uniform(RFU), Used.......inquire

Texas State Guard Bullion Patch, 2 x “TEX” Cap Insignia_140528
WW2 era Texas State Guard "BULLION" thread SSI, design worn circa 1943-47, top-left looks like a sticker was on it, Unused......inquire
small-left "TEX" Hat insignia with cream backing thread, Unused.......inquire
small (RIGHT) "TEX" insignia, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ARMY_German Workers_140529
For German Workers hired by the U.S. Forces in Occupied Germany post-WW2, RFU, Used.....inquire
- - - -
Alpha Company(Airborne), 3rd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment,193rd Infantry Brigade "MOTENGATORS"_140317
- - - -
ARMY_SF_Colonel;s 5th SFGpFlash, Skull SF DIs with wide blade, Felt Leadership Loops_3x_140314
Bullion wire Colonel's 5th Special Forces Flash
SKULL SF DIs with hallmark of "6D"(made by Denmark's Military Equipment, Company), has the wide blade, no skullcrusher knob on pommel.
Green Felt Leadership Loops(tabs)
- - - -
ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_23rd (AMERICAL),H Troop-17th Cav,1-52nd-1985th LIB RECON,196th LIB CHARGERS,A-3-21st,AMERICAL 'ANNIHILATORS_5x_140313
H TROOP, 17th Air CAV "HELL RAISERS", made in Vietnam, UnUsed.........(sold)
All made in Vietnam

ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_25th ID Pocket Hanger,E-14th IR 'GOLDEN DRAGONS' Scroll_2x_140313
Both made in Vietnam

ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_101st Airborne,42nd SCOUT DOG Platoon_2x_140313
101st ABD SSI embroidered on an OG base cloth in Vietnam
42nd SCOUT DOG made in Vietnam

ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_523rd,526th,B-815th TRANS_3x_140313-1
All made in Vietnam

ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_523rd,526th,B-815th TRANS_2x_140313-2
Both made in Vietnam

ARMY_GRD Bulk Scan_A,6,31st IR,9th Divsion,3-60th Infantry, E,5,60th RECONRAIDERS,3,60th IR 'WILD ONES'_4x_140313
All made in Vietnam
- - - -
125th Transportation Brigade, 125th Trans BDE_2x_140312
Hand-embroidered in Vietnam
- - - -
Army_GRD_4th Cav,Armored RECON,POTSDAM,AFKN Radio-TV,24th INFDIV Bullion_5x_140311
4th Cavalry, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, Un Used............(sold)
Armored RECON triangle, Local done "RCN", Used..........(sold)
United States Military Liaison Mission (Inspections permitted under the Potsdam Agreement in East and West Germany), RFU, Used..........(sold)
American Forces Korea Network( AFKN Radio & TV)
Bullion wire 24th Infantry Division
- - - -
CIBs made in Thailand_140311
- - - -
ARMY_Novelty Bulk Scan_140223-1
Not sure where in Asia the Top-right Jungle Boot patch was made but the other three were made in Japan

ARMY_Novelty Bulk Scan_140223-2
Nothing like a HOT Crown or OB after the PX stored it in the Sun for 4 or 5 months!!!!
- - - -
ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-1
Army of the Republic of Vietnam Jump Wings:

Regular Army Jump badges are the short upswept design
LLDBs(ARVN Special Forces) are the flat wider design
(most SF/SOG shirts with ARVN Jump Badges that I have seen have the ARVN Jump Wings-NOT the LLDB style)
( sometimes it is hard to distinguish one from the other as the Tailor shops did not understand what they were making )

Most of the 5 x Bulk Scans pictured below are Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam

( All 5 x Jump Wing Bulk Scans below are also listed in the FOREIGN Section )

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-2
Basic, Senior, and Master Viet Jump Wings, Embroidered White on Black Cloth, made in Vietnam

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-3
Vietnamese Jump Wings on Lime-Camo, OG, and Woven Badges made in Vietnam
Senior LLDB Metal Jump Badge with 2 x posts
Metal ARVN Jump Status Pocket Badge(see JPEGS below)
Sandcast LLDB Jump Wing (Bulk Scan_140217-3), Used.......(SOLD)
Sandcast LLDB Jump Wing (Bulk Scan_140217-3), Used.......(SOLD)

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-4
Subdued ARVN Jump Badges made in Vietnam, Senior and Master Wings,

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-5
Left-top, Basic Jump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)
Left-2nd, Basic Jump Wings, Machine Embroidered(ME) in Vietnam with "Silver" Thread, UnUsed......inquire
Center-Top, SeniorJump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
Center-2nd, Senior Jump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
Right-Top, Master Jump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
Right-2nd, Master Jump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
Right-3rd, Master Jump Wings, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

RVN_ARVN Master Instructor-Monitor Jump Badge_140910
Hand-Embroidered Instructor's Wing made in Vietnam, never seen one like this-UnCommon, UnUsed.......inquire
( All 5 x Jump Wing Bulk Scans are also listed in the U. S. ARMY GROUND Section )
- - - -
Hard to find a Vintage Company "O" RANGER Scroll
Company ''O" ARCTIC RANGER 75th Infantry scroll_140214

Vintage SKYHOOK - UnCommon Find
SKYHOOK Pick-up System by Fulton_140214
( Also in the USAF Section )
- - - -
3508FC_BAT on Wooden Plaque, Local made plywood Plaque with a Bat superposed on a silver and yellow background, dated "OCT 67 - JUL 68", signed on the back by about 10 people, 13 3/8"(across the wings), missing some paint so it is hard to determine the unit name/number, twine used for hanger, Used
Apparently a "Going Away Plaque" signed by members of the unit

3508FK_RVN_'SAIGON XUAN 25' Belt Buckle

- - - -
503rd (THE ROCK) &  511th 'ANGELS' AIR-PIR_2x_140129

508th AIR-PIR 'RED DEVILS'_3x_140129
- - - -
ARMY_101st Airborne Division RIGGER's Grouping_140108
- - - -
3508FG_5th Radio Research Unit(Provisional) (5th RRU(P)), Bangkok, Thailand, circa 1961-62
Made in Siam, stamped Sterling, engraved to a 1st Lieutenant with a Thai Navy emblem

ARMY Bulk Scan_ASA-NSA_131215-1
ASA Field STN Korea, Flight Section
ASA/NSA Torii STN Club on Okinawa........(SOLD)
ASA School Crest
Kagnew Station

ARMY Bulk Scan_ASA-NSA_131215-2
Phu-Bai, FLD STN in MR-1
303rd RR BN at Long Binh "LONGHORNS"
856th RR DET with the 199th LIB
328th RR DET with the 196th LIB after merging into the AMERICAL Division at Chu Lai

ARMY Bulk Scan_MEDTC,98th MATS,MACTHAI_131215-3

ARMY Bulk Scan_RANGERs_131215-4

511th PIR "STRENGHT FROM ABOVE", UnUsed......inquire
Subdued AIRBORNE Tab, Untrimmed, Thai made, UnUsed......inquire
Yellow-Blue RECON Tab, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
White-Light Blue LRRP Tab, Jpaan made, UnUsed......inquire
2/506th RECON Scroll, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
Red-OG LRRP, small tab, partially hand-embroidered, Viet made, UnUsed.....inquire
Black-Dark Blue LRRP Tab, partially hand-embroidered, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
9th Infantry Division Long Range Patrol Scroll, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
101st Airborne Division Long Range Patrol Scroll, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
White-Blue LRP Tab, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
LRP Tab, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
LRP Tab, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
LRP Tab, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
RVN made Tab, Orders assigning him to Reserve, 3 x PSYWAR Pamplets_131213-1
- - - -


ARMY_RECONDO_9th ID_4x_131202-3

ARMY_RECONDO_18th, 23rd,82nd,101st_6x_131202-4
18th Airborne Corps RECONDO metal Badge (hard to find), hallmarked: "DENMARK's N. Y. 1001.", UnUsed.......inquire
G/75th Rangers RECONDO patch(old E/51st INF), made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
82nd Airborne Division RECONDO, UnUsed......inquire
101st ABD Subdued RECONDO, Unused........inquire
101st ABD Subdued (darker OG) RECONDO , Unused........inquire
101st Airborne Division (color) RECONDO, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ARMY Bulk Scan_SF Walter Reed Jump Oval, 101st ABD-etc., Camp Alpha matchbook, ARVN 6th ABN BN, Khmer 1st DIV RECON_131011
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) Medical Photo Team Pocket Hanger, made in Vietnam
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) Medical Photo Team Jump Oval, made in Vietnam
3 more WRAIR badges to be listed (2 pocket patches and a HE Jump Oval).....140518

ARMY Bulk Scan_44th Tank BN Oval, DET-K 1st SFGP Flash, tan CIB, Pleiku GI Belt Buckle, 1st Issue sub 173rd SSI_131011
- - - -
ARMY Bulk Scan_Airborne, RANGER, LRRP, 187th RECON, 5LRRP12, ARVN Ranger, etc._131001

ARMY Bulk Scan_Airborne Tabs, Ovals, Master Jump Badge_131001

ARMY Bulk Scan_Airborne Vietnam 1st CAV, 2-502nd SNIPER Scroll, Combat Medic's Badge_131001
- - - -
New Arrivals - 130720
- - - -
ARMY_76th IR, 196th MAINT, and etc._130514

ARMY_Tank BNs and etc._130514

ARMY Bulk Scan_5th SF FLASH, 24th CORPS, and etc._130514
24th(XXIV) CORPS with "KOREA" ARC, made in Japan, UnUsed.........(sold)
5th Special Forces cut-edge FLASH, UnUsed.....inquire
74th RCT, UnUsed.......inquire
511th "ANGELS" Airborne Infantry Regiment, UnUsed......inquire
8th ID "PATHFINDER" Long Range RECON Patrol stationed at Bad Kreuznach, West Germany, UnUsed.......inquire
196th ight Infantry Brigade (196th LIB) Beercan DI, UnUsed.....inquire
5th ARMY "RECONDO", UnUsed.....inquire
82nd ABD "RECONDO", UnUsed......inquire  

ARMY_MACV SOG, Mortars, 4th ID LRRP, and etc._130514
- - - -
319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment(AFAR) OVAL, used by its' BNs with the 101st ABD and 173rd ABN BDE in RVN_140312
Very Pliable Oval, probably from the 1960s(?), Used by other ARTY Units to include the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 319th AFAR in Vietnam
- - - -
ARMY_OVALS Bulk Scan, Viet made_8x_140201

1st ROW:
4th ID, LRRP CO (later K/75th INF)
F/51st INF LRP
UI.....has been worn, Signal Corps?.....ever see it?

2nd ROW:
1/502nd (variation)
- - - -
Made in Vietnam, Hand and Machine embroidered, most are identified.
OVALS_RVN made_121005-1

OVALS_RVN made_121005-2

OVALS_RVN made_121005-3

OVA14LS_RVN made_121005-4

8231st Army Service Unit (12th, 13th, & 16th SFOD), early 1st SFGP (pics fm the Oval Yellow Book, pg 6-24)_140314


80th USASASOU Jump Oval, U. S. Army Security Agency Special Opertions Unit at Vint Hill Farms Station, Virginia, circa 1960

Special Forces WRAIR Medical Photo Team, Walter Reed Jump OVAL & Rare Pocket Hanger_2x
- - - -
1st Logistical Command (1st LOG)_8x_140314
Deployed to Vietnam for several years
- - - -
49080A & AA OG Border Rank Pairs_140312
Sergeant First Class(or Platoon Sergeant in the RVN era)
- - - -

More to be listed
- - - -
If you are interested in an item, email:

- - - -

- - - -

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All Units regardless of Size
(Flights, Squadrons, Groups, Wings and etc.)

- - - -
3509HW_USAF Crash Rescue Boat Badge_140731_R
3509HW - USAF Crash Boat RESCUE Badge by GEMSCO N. Y., roll-lock Pin Back, Excellent Condition, Used.......inquire
(stored with the Air Rescue Service/ARRS patches for NA page)

SKYHOOK Pick-up System by Fulton_140214
"SKYHOOK", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
Vintage SKYHOOKs are hard to find
( Also in the ARMY GROUND Section )

Bainbridge AB Pilot Trng Class 62B, 'LAST BLAST' 'BAB' ATC' 'XXX'_150223
Pilot Training Class 62B, UnUsed........inquire
( Info I have is the base was closed in 1961 and land was released to the owners(the local governments); maybe this class of 1962 was allowed to graduate(?) )  

USAF AIRCREWMAN, Senior Badge, White-Blue_141218
Made in USA, Senior Aircrewman's White on Blue Badge, circa 1950s - 1960s, Unused......inquire
( This is the 3rd or 4th one I have received from the same source with the "1,000 Yen" label on the reverse. )

USAF RESERVE Patch on Gray_141218
Air Force Reserve patch from the 1950s, Larger size worn on Fatigues and Flight Suits, UnUsed........inquire

USAF Tactical Air Command_141218
Larger size TAC patch circa 1950s - 1960s, UnUsed.........inquire
( Tactical Air Command (TAC) Established as a Major Command of the USAF circa 1950. )
( In 1992 it was Inactivated and the Assets incorporated into the newly created Air Combat Command. )

3rd Air Police Squadron 'SECURITAS LEGIS INTEGRITAS'_140717
3rd APS, Older Japan made from the 1950s when the squadron was with the 3rd BW in Japan/Korea, 2 x scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
21st Air Defense Squadron_140611
21st ADS, older looking patch(?), UnUsed.......inquire
(stored with the "SQUADRONS")

96th Air Police Squadron 'SEMPER IN LOCO PRIMO'_140612
96th APS, RFU, Used........inquire

435th Security Police Squadron 435th SPS, Emergency Services Team_140617
TWO-Piece 435th SPS with EST Bottom-ARC, RFU, Used.........inquire

4081st Combat Defense Squadron, UnUsed.......inquire

626th AC&WSq, depicts a RED Fox with Balls_140625
626th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

637th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron (637th AC&WSq_140613
637th AC&W SQ, made in Japan, circa laste-1950sd into 1960s(?), residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

663rd AC&W SQ 'EVER ALERT'_140617
663rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, I believe the 663rd was DisContinued circa June 1961, UnUsed.......inquire

727th AC&W SQ_140617
727th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, ReDesignated 727th TAC CT SQ in July 1962, UnUsed......inquire

731st RADAR Squadron (SAGE), Active December 1, 1960 - June 18, 1968, residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

744th AC&W SQ 'ALASKA'_140617
744th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, Murphy Dome AFS, AK, UnUsed

756th RADRON (SAGE) Finland AF Station_140702
756th RADAR Squadron (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment), UnUsed........inquire

780th RADAR Squadron Fortuna AFS,ND 'EXITUS IMPRIMUS FELIX'_140702
780th RADRON(SAGE), UnUsed.....inquire

921st AC&W SQ 921st ACWRON_140617
921st Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, squadron DeActivated in June 1968, UnUsed........inquire

923rd Air Control & Warning SQ 'ARCTIC WATCH'_140617
923rd AC&W Squadron "ARCTIC WATCH", located at Keflavik Air Staion, Iceland, RFU, Used.......inquire
923rd AIR CONTROL SQUADRON "ARCTIC WATCH", plastic backing, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
963rd AEW&C SQ, Asian made_140615
963rd Aircraft Early Warning and Control Squadron, participated in the SEA War flying for the 552nd AEW&C Wing, patch looks Korean made, RFU, (has been washed), Used......inquire
(963rd was possibly part of Combat Fox; the USAF ReAction Force for the Pueblo seizure circa 1968-69 and could have been flying from Korean airfields?)

966th Airborne Warning & Control Training Squadron (966th AWAC TRNG SQ)_140613
966th AWAC TNG SQ "PROTECTION BY PROFESSIONALS", flew for the 552nd Wing, resdiue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

USAF_SAR 'WET CREWAN, made in Japan_140612
Probably a mis-communication between the Serviceman and the Japanese tailor on the word "CREW(M)AN", UnUsed........inquire
(Also listed in USN section)
- - - -
128th Fighter-Interceptor Group_140629
128th FIG, Wisconsin Air National Guard, UnUsed.......inquire

354th FIS_140629
354th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Active from 1952-1958, UnUsed.......inquire

357th TFTS_140629
357th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, Ative 1976-1991, RFU, Used.......inquire

358th TFS_140629
358th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Active 1972-1976, UnUsed.....inquire

922nd AC&W SQ 'ALWAYS ALERT'_140629
922nd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, General Surveillance Radar Station at Goose Bay, Active 1953-1968, Unused......inquire
- - - -
9th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, diving Black Falcon, NO Tab_140612
9th TRS, RFU, Used........inquire

46th Tactical Fighter Squadron with Yellow Border_140612
46th TFS, first Yellow Border I have owned, RFU, Used.......inquire

47th Tactical Fighter Squadron 47th TFS Green Border_140617
47th TFS with Green Border, UnUsed.......inquire

48th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron 'DEVILS' Triangle_140612
48th FIS F-106 DEVILS, UnUsed.......inquire

66th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron 66th FIS_140617
66th FIS embroidered on felt, UnUsed.......inquire

69th TFS 'DRAGONS'_x2_140617
color 69th Tactical Fighter Squadron, UnUsed.......inquire
subdued 69th TFS "DRAGONS", UnUsed.......inquire

99th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (99 SRS OL NB), 'NB' may be Nakhon Phanom (NKP RTAFB), Drone Operation_140624
Buffalo Hunter Drone operation out of Operating Location-NB(NB is listed on a few sites as NKP, RTAFB, Thailand), made in Thailand, UnUsed.....inquire
(This patch is also listed on the old site www.LJMilitaria.com "Squadrons" page)

99th SRS, Project Buffalo Hunter out of U-Tapao and NKP, RTAFBs, Thailand_140624
Tum..ewe.d character Lim..d Li.ard holding a Bomb Looking for something( a Drone?), made in Thailand, minor storage stains on front, Unused.....inquire
(  this patch came with a note: "AC-E45A". anyone know the meaning of the note? )

123rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron 123rd FIS by ACE of Tokyo_140617
123rd FIS by ACE Novelty of Japan, well made patch, Unused......inquire

457th TFS 'F-105 T-STICK II' Arrowhead Patch_140617
457th Tactical Fighter Squadron, scrapbook paper residue on back, ID'd on reverse, UnUsed.......inquire

547th Bombardment Squadron_140617
547th BS, probably a late-1950s patch, UnUsed......inquire

360th TEWS 'COMBAT READY TIGERS ANTIQUE AIRLINES', Hand-embroidered in Vietnam_140609
360th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, ID'd on reverse, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
19th Bombardment Squadron, B-47s_140624
19th BS, variation with the small ARC, UnUsed.......inquire
( note with the patch reads in part: "located at Pinecastle and Homestead AFBs, Florida" "this patch made in 1956" )  
- - - -
17th BW and 452nd BGp Miho Air Base, Japan SENTRY DOG SECTION_140617
I assigned the 17th Bombardment Wing and the 452nd Bombardment Group to this patch as they were the First Combat units that I could find to use the Miho Air Base.
The 352nd moved to K-9 (Pusan East AB) in May 1951 and was replaced by the 17th BGp at Miho.
Japan made circa 1950-57, "MIHO SENTRY DOG SEC", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -



469th TFS. F-105 Thunderchief 'THUD' by Republic_140606
German Made circa mid-1960s

Air Police Section, Detachment 29, 613th AC&W SQ_140606
Det-29, 613th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron located on Okushiri-Shima Island, Japan circa Korean War, patch made in Japan

811th Air Police Squadron,'RAMP RATS' Turner Field, Albany, GA, JAPAN GEORGIA, PUERTO RICO, AFRICA, ENGLAND_140606
811th APS apparently traveled a lot, Japan made in the 1950s, squadron active circa 1952-1959
- - - -
4252nd Strategic Wing '1 MISSION', 'YOUNG TIGER TASK FORCE'_140606
- - - -
360th TEWS 'Vietnam Antique Airlines', Japan made_140530
360th Tactical Electronic(s) Warfare Squadron(TEWS), based at Tan Son Nhut, patch design approved circa 1965, Made in Japan (they also had coffee mugs made in Japan, UnUsed....inquire
The 360th flew EC-47 (RC-47) Aircraft out of Tan Son Nhut (TSN) in the 1960s carrying members of the 6994th Security Squadron on ARDF/Intercept Missions in support of Army and Marine Ground units. Sister Squadrons were: 361st (DET 1, 6994th SS) at Nha Trang & 362nd (DET 2, 6994th SS) at Pleiku and Danang.
( see the www.LJMilitaria.com site for more 360th items )
- - - -
357th TFS F-105 THUNDERCHIEF by Republic Arrowhead patch made in Japan_140530
357th Tactical Fighter Squadron, flying F-105s from Thailand for the 355th TFW, Arrowhead patch Japan made, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
374th Tactical Airlift Wing "Rice's Bombers", Made in Thailand, probably an UnCommon patch, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
3509FN_25th TFS Party Suit with Scarf_R
3509FN, 25th and 44th TFSs Party Suit with Red/Black Neck Scarf, made in Thailand by Raja’s of Ubol “Wolf-Pack”, Direct embroidery on Black Suit: 25th TFS, NAV Wings, and his name, Color Patches: 44th TFS, "PAVEWAY-WHITE LIGHTNING ZOT", and RIVER RATS, 4 x FLAG/Shield patches: USA, Japan, Thailand, & Republic of China(Taiwan), rank has been glued to the shoulders and removed(probably got promoted-see pics for residue), suit is in Excellent Color and Condition, Used......inquire

First "ZOT" "PAVEWAY-WHITE LIGHTNING" patch I have owned, I think they are very-UnCommon!

( PICs are terrible - PHOTOG to blame-not the camera)

3509FM_635th Combat Support Group, 635th Supply Squadron, U-Tapao, RTAFB_Party Suit with "STRAIGHT ARROW" on back_140524
3509FM, 635th Supply Squadron Bright-RED 2-piece PARTY SUIT, made in Thailand by White Shark Tailor Shop, cloth is a BRIGHT_RED Herringbone Synthetic material, trousers have bell-bottoms, Direct embroidered: Bright Green Oak Leaves on epaulets, Name, and "U-TAPAO RTNAF", Patches are: Left sleeve "ILLIINOIS" arc with USA Flag below, Right sleeve "U-TAPAO" Arc with Thailand Shield below, Left Breast is a Thai made 635th Supply Squadron "U-TAPAO RTAFB", Right Breast is a 635th Combat Support Group, covered buttons on the waist adjustment tabs, on the Back is a Large direct embroidered Mushroom and below that is a "STRAIGHT ARROW" patch (I do not understand what the Mushroom adds to the "good Husband" patch, anyone know?), 5 small black stains on right front of TOP, Top and Trousers are in Excellent+ Condition, Used....inquire
- - - -
3509HU, THUNDERBIRD Pictures signed by the Team Colonel, T-Bird Team Leader was LTC L. D. SMITH, Used........Inquire
( Poster Board is 16" x 20" (extra fee for shipping/insurance )
- - - -
3509HT_16th SOS Plaque (formerly 3509CF)_140522
3509HT - 16th SOS Wooden Plaque circa 1972-73 with Presentation Plate & chrome/wood display cartridge, paint chipped on the "SPECTRE AC-130 GUNSHIP" disc, Used...inquire
- - - -
3509HP_10-inch patch, Participant SEA War Games 1970-71 VIETNAM CAMBODIA_140504
Large 10" patch, "SOUTH EAST ASIA WAR GAMES", Olive Green Burlap backing material made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

3509HQ_9 3-8inch PATCH, Peace Hell Bomb Hanoi_140504
Large 9 3/8" patch, "PEACE HELL BOMB HANOI", made in Vietnam, Unused......inquire

3509HR_9 1-4inch PATCH, Participant SEA War Games 1970-71 LAOS VIETNAM CAMBODIA_140504
Large 9 1/4" patch, "SOUTH EAST ASIA WAR GAMES", made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
3575th Pilot Training Squadron "1"_140330
This is possibly for the "1st Flight" of the squadron(?). Some 3575th patches do not have the "1".

USAF_'SONDRESTROM Air Base,Greenland,Burn's Collection_140413
From the BURNS Collection.

64th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) 64th BS(M)_140413
The Indian Brave patches are circa B-47s (and maybe older?). I believe the colors denote different Flights or etc.(?).
Right patch is for the B-58 "Hustler" era, made by ACE of Tolyo, Japan.
- - - -
72nd SRW Tiger's HEAD patch (formerly UI#206)
Pictures show this patch being worn on their Flight Suits on the Right SSI circa 1952-58 while flying RB-36s out of Ramey AFB; squadrons: 60th, 73rd, and 301st SRS.
- - - -
USAF_CMD-SAC Bulk Scan_140322

USAF_SQDNs Bulk Scan_140322-1
7th ACCS made in Thailand

USAF_SQDNs Bulk Scan_140322-2
97th Flying Training Squadron "BEER CAN" Flight
25th FTS
71st Flying Training Wing
- - - -
531st Tactical Fighter Squadron (531st TFS)_140318
Made in Vietnam

4025th SRS, 4080th SRW Black Knight & RB-57D-2 Qualification Badge_2x_140318
From the same Aircrewman, flew the 2-seater RB-57D-2 model with the wing mounted RADOMEs
- - - -
469th TFS F-4E Phantom II with Shark & Gatling Gun_140315
469th Tactical Fighter Squadron, made in Thailand, UnUsed.......(sold)
( also on old site on AIRCRAFT page )
- - - -
529th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)_140312
Flew B-47s circa 1955 to 1966 for the 380th BW out of Plattsburg AFB, N Y

529th Bombardment Squadron(Medium), F-111 era (529th(M))_140318
- - - -
417th TFS Ghost, WEAPONS Crew 6_2x_140311
ACE Novelty made in Japan, CREW IV for a Phantom II Weapons loading crew
- - - -
HARVEST REAPER was started to iron-out the "BUGs" in the F-111
COMBAT LANCER is the Project to test the F-111s in Combat
The 4481st Squadron was ReDesignated 428th TFS
Harvest Reaper..............(sold)
Combat Lancer...........(sold)
- - - -
- - - -
435th TFS 'Guy-in-Back' 'GIB POWER', Thai made_140224
Best GIB patch I have seen - comes in its' Original cellophane envelope!
435th TFS, GIB, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
AREF_7th,22nd,70th,117th,306th,913th_Bulk Scan_140224-1


ARRS_55th(sold),301st,305th, and 403rd Rescue & Weather Reconnaissance Squadron_Bulk Scan_140224-2
Top-Left - 55th ARRS, "THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE"..........(sold)

USAF_Novelty_Bulk Scan_140223-1745
The "100 COMBAT MISSIONS" needs to be put with a Bombing unit - anyone know what Squadron or Wing used this patch?

USAF_Training,Schools,Classes_Bulk Scans_140223-1

USAF_Training,Schools,Classes_Bulk Scans_140223-2
- - - -
USAF_Squadrons_Bulk Scan_140220-1
C Flight, 8th FTS "COBRA FLIGHT" at Vance AFB, OK
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron "HURRICANE HUNTERS"

USAF_Squadrons_Bulk Scan_140220-2
3640th PTS, Young Eagle being kicked-out of the nest

USAF_Wings_Bulk Scan_140220

USAF_GRD_Bulk Scan_140220-1

USAF_GRD_Bulk Scan_140220-2
- - - -
13th Bombardment Squadron(Tactical) (13th BS(T)) "DEVIL'S-OWN"_140215
13th BS, a GRIM-REAPER with a Bloody-screw in its' hands, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam
13th BS, made in Japan (came with a Japan made B-57 Canberra patch)
13th BS Thai Made, one of the early bombing squadrons in the SEA War
( already published to www.LJMilitaria.com )

13th BS(T), Patches & Beercan_3x_140216

13th BS(T),B-57 Flight Examinee & '13' Sylvester in a Delta_140216
- - - -
43rd Bombardment Wing(Heavy) deployed to RAAF DARWIN, 'K89'_140212
- - - -
USAF_Air Police Grouping_140210-1
Cut from a "bagged-out" Lime-ERDL, name tape had been previously removed.

USAF_Air Police Grouping_131230-1

USAF_Air Police Grouping_131230-2

USAF_Air Police Grouping_131230-3

USAF_Air Police Bulk Scan_131118-1

USAF_Air Police Bulk Scan_131118-2
( 432nd SPS K-9 'WE WALK ALONE' moved below )
824th CDS.........................(sold)
432nd SPS K-9 'WE WALK ALONE', Air Force Police Dog section at Udorn, Thailand, Thai made, UnUsed........inquire
824th Combat Defense Squadron (824th CDS), border damage at maker's shop, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
United States Air Force Name/Badge Groupings - ALL have some Local Made items
RARE Hand-Embroidered SET_USAF_NameTape Group Bulk Scan_140210-1

USAF_NameTape Group Bulk Scan__140210-2

USAF_NameTape Group Bulk Scan_140210-3

USAF_NameTape Group Bulk Scan__140210-4

USAF_NameTape Group Bulk Scan_140210-5
- - - -
USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-1
13th Air Force SupportRequirements, Clark AFB & possibly Thailand Support, Thai made(?)
18th FMS, made in Japan
21st Civil Engineer Squadron "CAN DO WILL DO", Colorado Springs, CO, did an EOD Mission(?)
22nd Communications Construction Squadron , crossed "GAFFS"
2869th Ground Electronic Engineer Installation Agency Squadron (2869th GEEIA SQ)

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-2

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-3

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-4

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-5

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-6

USAF_Ground Units_Bulk SCAN_140210-7
USAF Security Service, khaki cut-edge, UnUsed........inquire
USAFSS 6029th Radio Squadron(Mobile), "DAWG FLIGHT" "RUNNIN' WITH THE PACK", UnUsed......inquire
6950th Security Group, UnUsed.......inquire
6903rd Security Group "1980 OSAN AB CHAMPION TEAM", stationed at K-55, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
USAF_Air-Control-Forward Air Controller-RADAR_140212-1
614th Air Control & Warning Squadron (614th ACWRON), "ALWAYS WATCHFUL", UnUsed......inquire
727th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (727th AC&W SQ), UnUsed......inquire
792nd RADAR SQUADRON (792nd RADAR SQ), "VIFILES SUMUS", UnUsed.......inquire

11th Tactical Air Support Squadron (11th TASS), "INFERNE IBIMUS", UnUsed........(sold)
101st Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron "PRO PACE MUNDI", UnUsed.......inquire
590th Aircraft Control & Warning Wing, (500 ACWW), Philippine Islands Air Force, "GUARDIAN OF OUR SKY", PI made, UnUsed......inquire
641st AIRCRAFT CONTROL AND WARNING SQUADRON (641st AC&WS), UnUsed......inquire
663rd AIRCRAFT CONTROL & WARNING SQUADRON (663rd AC&W SQ), "EVER ALERT", UnUsed......inquire

USAF_Air-Control-Forward Air Controller-RADAR_140210-2
667th ACW SQ
960th Airborne Early Warning & Control Squadron

Tactical Air Control Party Beret FLASH
23rd TASS "JIMINY CRICKET" FAC, made in Thailand
83rd TAC Control FLT
507th TACCS
712th DASC SQ
729th Tactical Control Squadron

13th Missile Warning Squadron
602nd, OLA-2 "ACCURACY"
664th RADAR
701st RADAR SQ
743rd AC&W SQ

774th RADAR SQ
823rd RADAR SQ
- - - -
Air Refueling Squadrons/Wings
USAF_Air Refueling Bulk Scan_131119-1
913th AREFS
- - - -
New Arrivals - 140119
Bulk SCAN_140119-1
6th BW(H)
80th FTW(Class 80-03 ENJJPT)
307th SW(Defensive Team-bulldog and crow)
307th SW(Swan Hotel U-Tapao Sattahip, Thailand

New Arrivals - 140119
Bulk SCAN_140119-2
307th SW "U-TAPAO CLAP CLINIC 73-74"
- - - -
USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-1
15th Military Airl;ift Squadron "DEEP FREEZE 61-62"
21st Tactical Airlift Squadron "BEE liners"

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-2

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-3

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-4
314th Troop Carrier Wing (Medium) under-scroll

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-5

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-6
Rare 374th TAW, DET-4, Bat superposed on Chute lines, ..........(SOLD)

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-7
"Been There and Done That!" Name Tag, has 21st TCS/TAS and 345th TAS pins at top of his tag.
"C-130 Hercules" 1,000 and 2,000 Hours pins on lower portion of tag.

USAF_Trans Bulk Scan_131230-8
- - - -
USAF_SQ_Bulk SCAN_140210-1
"ASAHI BEER", 12th TAC FTR SQ Morale patch
37th AeroMedical Evacuation Group
90th Tactical Fighter Squadon, Exercise "COMMANDO WEST VII TIGER II/PHANTOM"
3641st Pilot Training Squadron

USAF_SQ_Bulk SCAN_140210-2
194th Fighter Interceptor Squadron GROUPING, I will break it up if needed.

USAF_SQ_Bulk SCAN_140210-3
6512th TEST SQUADRON (later REDES to 445th Test SQ)
- - - -
New Arrivals - 131130
Bulk SCAN_131130-1
43rd TFS
46th TFS
63rd TFS
84th FIS
308th TFS
335th TFS

New Arrivals - 131130
Bulk SCAN_131130-2
336th FS, RFU, Used.........(sold)
416th FBS/TFS, UnCommon design, RFU, Used.......(Moved to the USAF Section TWO)
434th TFS, RFU, Used.......(Moved to the USAF Section TWO - has sold on 150206)
441st Combat Support Group, ACE Novelty label on back, no wrapper, UnUsed....inquire
441st Combat Support Group, ACE Novelty label on back, Factory wrapper, UnUsed......inquire
 492nd TFS, top point is frayed, RFU, Used.......inquire
F-106 Dart Factory patch, RFU, Used..........inquire
- - - -
New Arrivals - 131128
Bulk SCAN_131128
421st Tactical Fighter Squadron "READY-WILLING-ABLE", Japan made,.........(sold)

New Arrivals - 131116
Bulk SCAN_131116-1

New Arrivals - 131116
Bulk SCAN_131116-2

New Arrivals - 131116
Bulk SCAN_131116-3

New Arrivals - 131116
Bulk SCAN_131116-4
- - - -

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-1

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-2

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-3

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-4

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-5

New Arrivals - 131115
Bulk SCAN_131115-6
- - - -

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-1

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-2

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-3

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-4

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-5
494th TFS
550th TFTS.........(sold)
513th Fighterr-Interceptor Squadron
656th BS(M), flew B-47s in the 1950s
668th BS
740th SMS (ICBMs)

New Arrivals - 131114
Bulk SCAN_131114-6
3506th PTS "Yellow Seven Flight", 1957 design, used at Greenville AFB, MS until it closed, Inquire
3615th FTS
4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron (CCTS), Inquire
4677th RADAR Evaluation Flight, Inquire
4677th (smaller patch)
4756th Drone SQ, Inquire
6514th Test SQ, moved to Hill AFB in May 1971, inquire
- - - -

New Arrivals - 131112
Bulk SCAN_131112-1

New Arrivals - 131112
Bulk SCAN_131112-2

New Arrivals - 131112
Bulk SCAN_131112-3
64th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
74th TFS "FLYING TIGERS"............(SOLD)

New Arrivals - 131112
Bulk SCAN_131112-4
- - - -

New Arrivals - 131111
Bulk SCAN_131111-1

New Arrivals - 131111
Bulk SCAN_131111-2
- - - -

If you are interested in an item email:

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Yankee Air Pirates Book
( USAF in SEA )

If you want to purchase this book, contact Francois Millard at yankeeairpirates.book@yahoo.com
Follow updates on http://yankeeairpirates.overblog.com/

140612 - I have my copy and it is the Best Book on Insignia/Clothing I have seen for the USAF in SEA, Jack.
Topics covered in this Volume: Command & Control, Tactical Control, Forward Air Control, Rescue, Electronic Warfare, & Air Police/Security Police units.

Front and Back Covers

The following was written by the Authors
Yankee Air Pirates is a highly detailed look at United States Air Force uniforms and equipment as used during the Vietnam War. This comprehensive book – the first of a multi-volume set – presents hundreds of Air Force named items in over 900 full color photos, giving the reader a precise insight and reference covering fifty-eight Air Force units. Flight suits, utility shirts, jungle jackets, headgear, insignia, weapons, plaques, souvenir lighters, and many theater-made items are featured to illustrate the history of both flying and ground units. Topics covered in this initial volume are: Command & Control, Tactical Control, Forward Air Control, Rescue, Electronic Warfare, and Air Police/Security Police units. An extensive chapter offers a detailed review of uniforms, headgear, and footwear, referenced by model and date.

I have NO connection with the sale of this book; the Authors have been customers of mine for many years.

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Memories of a Fighter Pilot
by Colonel Riedel

I have NO connection with the sale of this book, Jack.

The following was written by the Author/Publisher
Colonel Riedel had a rare look at the Vietnam War. He flew three different aircraft in Southeast Asia (SEA) in 1964, 1969-70, and 1972-73. The unfortunate similarities of the conduct of the war during these dates became quite evident in the skies over SEA and resulted in the eventual outcome of the war.

Follow along with Jay as a young boy and his unique boyhood adventures, see how he decided on and attained his goal in life as a fighter pilot, then climb in the cockpits of three different aircraft and fly white-knuckle combat missions over the skies of North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines over the span of nine years! It was quite a ride!

More details here: http://www.lulu  dot  com/spotlight/jayriedel

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- - - -
3rd TFS, A-7Ds fm Korat on SS Mayaguez Rescue 'DON'T TREAD ON ME'_300dpi_140804
3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, made in Thailand, UnUsed.......inquire

5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, DET-1 'DEUCES WILD' 'F-102'_141026
5th FIS Detachment-1, DET-1 may have been located at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ(?), stain between the "S and W", UnUsed........inquire
( NOT on the USAFPatches site )

21st SOS_S. S. Mayaguez '23 DIED-ONLY THE FEW KNOW WHY'_300dpi_140804
Made in Thailand, patch was worn in memory of the 18 Security Policemen and the 5 Crewmembers of the 21st SOS who died in the crash of a CH-53 while en route to rescue the SS Mayaguez crewmen, UnUsed........inquire
( a customer told me he had found one of these on the Jacket of a 16th SOS Veteran )

21st TASS_'THE OLD LADY'_140821
21st Tactical Air Support Squadron, "THE OLD LADY", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)

42nd TEWS_made in Thailand_150121
42nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, made in Thailand, RFU, Used........inquire

353rd TFS_141214
363rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, UnUsed..........inquire

416th Fighter-Bomber/Tactical Fighter Squadron, made in Japan, RFU, Used.......inquire
( This design is not on the two largest USAF Reference Sites - I think it was used for a short period circa late-1958 after the squadron moved to Misawa, Japan.  They were in Japan about 4 months as a FBS and then ReDesignated the 416th TFS on July 1, 1958 )

434th TFS_2 x Red Devils_150205
434th Tactical Fighter Squadron, RFU, Used........(sold)

3509HS_435th TFS 'BLACK EAGLES' K-2B Suit, 'I'VE NEVER BEEN TO CHINA 01C' patch (1-of-12 made in Thailand)
3509HS - 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron K-2B Flight Suit with direct-embroidered: Captain's Rank, 435th Black Eagle, Navigator (WSO) Wings, and his Name, short-sleeves(probably a Party Suit(?)), "I'VE NEVER BEEN TO CHINA 01C" & River Rats made in Thailand patches, Paperwork for Awards, a signed paper explaining the "CHINA" patch (only 12 were made), WSO's: Leather Name tag, metal WINGS, 2 x Medals, pictures of the WSO holding the K-2B, "CHINA" patch, retired as a Colonel(?O5 or O6?), Excellent Condition, Used.......(sold)

435th TFS 'SPOOK' as the Guy-in-Back GIB) POWER, made in Thailand_141017
435th TFS "GIB" (Guy-in-Back) "POWER", Thai made, UnUsed........inquire

558th TFS_140701
558th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Phantom Knights" Made in Japan circa RVN Era, UnUsed.......inquire

606th Special Operations Squadron, UC-123 TAC On the Trail, NIGHT COMBAT 500 Hours_140216
606th SOS, UC-123 FAC,"500 HOURS ON THE TRAIL NIGHT COMBAT", RFU, Used........(sold)
606th SOS, "C-123 FAC TRUCK KILLER CANDLESTICK", Unused.......(sold)

903rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (903rd AES) 'THE HERKY NURSE'_140921
903rd AES, a CAMO C-130 with a Nurse's Cap, shoes, and hypodermic needle, UnUsed......inquire
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- - - -
20th TFW, F-111 era_3x_150303
20th Tactical Fighter Wing, RFU, long pigtail, Used.......inquire
F-111 (center), RFU, Used.......inquire
  20th TFWg (right), RFU, Used......inquire

23rd Fighter Group, Japan made_140617
23rd FGp, made in Japan, blemish near bottom running horizontal, UnUsed.......inquire

51st Composite Wing (Tactical) 'DEFTLY AND SWIFTLY'_140921
51st COMP WG(TAC), top border has puckering and is a little rough from the maker's shop, UnUsed.......inquire

147th Fighter-Interceptor Group 147th FIG_140617
147th FIG,Texas Air National Guard, plastic back, circa 1967, UnUsed........inquire

181st Tactical Fighter Group_140613
181st TFGp, Indiana Air National Guard, UnUsed........inquire

366th TFW Danang 'THE GUNFIGHTERS'_141011
366th Tactical Fighter Wing - Danang "THE GUN FIGHTERS", made in Vietnam, RFU (has been washed), Used.......inquire
(First one I have seen in years)

401st FBW-TFW_141214
401st Fighter-Bomber Wing and/or Tactical Fighter Wing, RFU, Harness Rub, Used.......inquire
( This must be the patch design used from September 25, 1957 to late-1959 when the New(and Current Design) Patch was approved on October 9, 1958.  The 401st FBGp was Inactivated September 25, 1957 and it's 3 x Squadrons were Assigned to the Newly Activated 401st FBW and the 615th FBS was assigned to make the 4th Squadron and the Green Band was added to the patch. )

552nd AEW&C WG 'Ski VietNam'(with 3509JD Gp)_150223
552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing, from a Pilot's Grouping(3509JD Grouping), "Ski Vietnam", made in Thailand, UnUsed......inquire
(Came with the blue patch below)

552nd AEW&C WG 'SKI Mu-Gia Pass' (with 3509JD Gp)_150223
552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing, from a Pilot's Grouping(3509JD Grouping), "SKI MUGIA PASS", made in Thailand, UnUsed......inquire
(Came with the red patch above)

- - - -

- - - -
34th Air Division_140717
34th AD, residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

65th Air Division_140717
65th AD, repaired at the factory(see the gauze on the reverse), UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

- - - -
3509HE_WWII USAAF Civilian Pilot Instructor for 309th AAFFTD Grouping, Badges & Class Book_140603
3509HE, Flight Instructor items are circa 1942: Civilian Flight Instructor's Cap Device and Wings along with ID Bracelet with Name and SN.
He taught at the USAAF 309th Army Air Field Flight Training (Detachment) (309th AAFTD) Gulf Coast Army Air Forces, Training Center at Sikeston, Missouri, Five other small metal devices, Used....inquire
( Also still listed on the www.LJMilitaria.com site on USAAF Patch page )

3509HE_WWII USAAF Civilian Pilot Instructor for 309th AAFFTD Grouping, Badges & Class Book_Book
( Book goes with the Grouping )

5501AV_WW2 Blood Chit, Type 2_300dpi_150121
5501AV - WWII era MIS-X Type 2, marked "(2)", SN "W 116448", Chinese Language Only with the CHOP in lower-left corner around Serial Number,
tack holes in corners where it was fastened to a board/etc. (see pics), minor soiling, Used........inquire
( This style of CHIT is shown in the "LAST HOPE" book by Baldwin & McGarry on page 107 )
( scanned at 300dpi )

Civilian Pilot Training , WW2 era_150121
"CPT" WWII Training Program for Pilots, looks used but no stitch marks(may have been stapled to a board for display(?)), scrapbook residue on back, (Used).......inquire

90th Fighter Squadron on Felt, WW2 Bugs Bunny with Boxing Gloves_140528
WWII Bugs Bunny delivering a knock-out blow to the enemy, embroidered on felt, UnUsed.......inquire

40th Fighter Squadron_140202_WWII embrodered on Felt.................(SOLD)

New Arrivals - 131117
Bulk SCAN_131117-1
WW2 USAAF, Airborne Troop Carrier

New Arrivals - 131117
Bulk SCAN_131117-2
22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron

New Arrivals - 131117  Bulk SCAN_131117-3
USAAF 455th Bomb Squadron(Medium), 486th BS(M)

43rd Fighter Squadron, Wasp on a Blue Cloud  'VESPA MACULATA', WW2 era, Ferocious WASP ready to strike_141026
WW2 USAAF 43rd FS embroidered on felt, 6-7 moth holes, Unused........inquire
( Squadron active 1940-1946, stood-down in 1945 and DeActivated in '46 )
( I am not sure of the patch orientation )
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 Marine Corps


- - - -
USMC Ground Forces

Weapons Company(Machine Gun), 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division in Korea 1952-53 'ODD BALL'_140606

- - - -

USMC Aviation

VMO-2,  Danang, RVN 1970-72, 7th Design_140717
Marine Observation Squadron Two, made in USA, 7th Design per Mr. Holmberg's dBase, circa 1970-72 at Danang, RVN, residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

VMO-5_2nd Design circa 1966, Pendleton_140717
Marine Observation Squadron Two, "Original" 2nd Design at Camp Pendleton flying OV-10s & UHs circa 1966, Unused.......inquire

USMC_BULK SCAN_VMA-251 & VMO-6 OV-10 Bronco 'ENDANGERED SPECIES' both made in Japan_BULK SCAN_131003-0930

AES-12 USMC Aircraft Engineering Squadron_140603
A patch similar to this one on the USMilitariaForum says this is a Korean War Vintage insignia????

VMFT(AW)-20, Bat with Lightning Bolt_141017
Marine Fighter Training Squadron (All-Weather)-20, residue on back, ID'd in Mr. Holmberg's dBase as circa 1956 at Cherry Point flying PV-2Ns and F3Ds, UnUsed.......inquire

VMF-143 'RAGIN CAJUN' fm Louisiana, KW era, ID'd fm Mule's dbase_140921
Marine Fighting Squadron ONE FOUR THREE (Reserve), Mr. Holmberg's dataBase has it as circa 1950 at NAS New Oleans, LA, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire
( Flew F4U Corsairs and AD4 Skyraiders, Redesignated VMA-143 in Januzry 1958. )
( See a similar design on this URL Link http://sites.estvideo dot net/navalairpatches/usmc/fighterm/fighterm-index.html which has the UNIT Designator and Motto on it. )

HMM-163 'RIDGE RUNNERS'_140629
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-163, per Mr. Holmberg's dBase this is the 7th Design(circa RVN era), PI made, UnUsed......inquire

USMC_UI#410 Dog with Bow/Arrow by Hashimoto, HMH-463 'OP END SWEEP', VMFA-212 Plane Captain_BULK SCAN_131003-0930
UI#410 (dog/bow) was made in Japan prior to 1955 by Hashimoto, could be USAF, USN, USMC, or ?, UnUsed......inquire
HMH-463, UnUsed.........(sold)
  Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron-212 "PLANE CAPTAIN", UnUsed.......inquire

VMA-223, 'Boxing Bulldog' flying A-4s_141017
Marine Attack Squadron-223, 1st Design, in Japan circa 1961 flying A-4s per Mr. Holmberg's database, very-minor stains on/near the dog's tail, UnUsed.......inquire

VMA(AW)-225, Japan made, 1969 at Danang, Republic of Vietnam_140503
Marine All-Weather Attack Squadron-225, Large patch for the Vikings, been on a uniform-never washed, Used........inquire


VMF-314 'Bob's Cats' Disney design in 1944_140317
This color scheme is not listed in Mr. Holmberg's dataBase, RFU, washed and has shrunk and is puckered, unit name was printed on the reverse and has bled through to the front side.
This patch was changed to the "BLACK KNIGHTS" patch circa 1963 when the squadron was ReDesignated VMFA-314; their name also changed from "Bob's Cats" to Black Knights.

VMA-331, 3rd Design at Iwakuni, Japan circa 1960s flying A-4s_1240626
Marine Attack Squadron-Three, by-far the best looking design this squadron used per Mr. Holmberg's dBase, UnUsed........inquire

HMH-361_'FLYING TIGERS'_140822
Heavy Marine Helicopter Squadron-361, 1st Pattern at New River, 1968 flying CH-53As, Japan made, UnUsed......inquire
( another HMH-361 on the old site )

HMH-463 'OPERATION END SWEEP', uncommon patch, PI made, UnUsed.........inquire

Marine Fighter-Attack Squadron-513, 1st Pattern at Atsugi & Vietnam flying F-4Bs, made in Japan(probably at the REX Shop in Iwakuni), UnUsed......inquire

Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron Five Thirty One, on the Forrestal's 1972-73 Cruise to the Mediterranean Sea, UnUsed......inquire

USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) WESTPAC 79-80 VFMA-323 & 531, CVW-14, Marines flying F-4s Phantoms_140212
USMC Squadrons in CVW-14 (NK) on USS CORAL SEA (CV-43)
(WestPac, Indian Ocean) from November 13, 1979 to June 11, 1980
VMFA-323 Death Rattlers, flying  F-4Ns
VMFA-531 Grey Ghosts flying F-4Ns
( patch also listed in the USN NA Carriers Section )

- - - - - - - - - - - - Veteran's Grouping - - - - - - - - - - - -

Individual patches can be purchased

( I am not sure of the Chronological Order in which he acquired his insignia )

Most of the references to: Design, Dates, Aircraft Flown, Where Stationed and etc. will be from Mr. Holmberg's dBase.

MAG-13_150202, made in Japan, stains and Border damage, Unused........inquire
1st Design, Kaneohe Bay, HI, 1950s

VMA-211 'WAKE'_150202, made in Japan (probably by REX), UnUsed.......inquire
2nd Design, Iwakuni, Japan, 1950-1960s

VMA-212 'DEVIL CATS'_150202, Large patch made in Japan (probably by REX of Iwakuni), stain below shield, UnUsed.......inquire
3rd Design, ADs, Kaneohe Bay, HI, 1957-1961

VMA-214 'BLACKSHEEP'_150202, made in Japan, stain above the "VMA", UnUsed........inquire
1st Design, circa 1957 to ?

VMA-214 'BLACKSHEEP' 'CHU-LAI' '66-67' 'ORDNANCE'_150202, made in Japan, Ram's Head instead of a sheep's profile, UnUsed.......inquire

12th-13th FLC CHU-LAI BOMB DUMP_150202, 12th and 13th Force Logistics Command, circa 1966-67, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

VMA-332_150202, UnUsed.........inquire
2nd Design, ADs, 1950s

VMF(AW)-542_150202, "MARINE ALL WEATHER FIGHTER SQUADRON-542", UnUsed.......inquire
1st Design, F3D/F4D, El Toro, CA, Korea, Atsugi, Japan, circa 1958-1962

1st MAW, SQUADRON-11_150202, Marine Air Base Squadron-11, Marine Air Group-11,  made in Thailand, UnUsed.......inquire

MABS-12_150202, Marine Air Base Squadron-12, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
2nd Design, Vietnam, 1965

H&MS-15_Octopus with Wrenches_150202, Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron-15, Made in Japan, patch probably made circa 1960s, UnUsed.......inquire
1st Design, El Toro, CA, 1953(Original design had a blue border)

Individual patches can be purchased

- - - - - - - - - - - - END of Veteran's Grouping - - - - - - - - - - - -

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 Navy/Coast Guard-ONE

- - - -
Currently this SECTION has mixed Navy units in it - Aviation units will be moved to SECTION TWO in the future
( Guaranteed to be moved by the 12th of never! )

USAF_SAR 'WET CREWAN, made in Japan_140612
Probably a mis-communication between the Serviceman and the Japanese tailor on the word "CREW(M)AN", UnUsed........inquire
( I don't know if this is USN or USAF - Also listed in USAF section)

USS Aeolus (ARC-3)_140629
USS Aeolus (ARC-3), Active 1955-1973, very-Large patch, UnUsed......inquire

Helicopter Utility Squadron-2 and USS Glacier "POLAR AIR-FREIGHT" patch from 1962(notice the Penguin's "62" body and the Rotor on its' beenie-cap), UnUsed.......inquire
With a forward Gun Mount and HeliPad the Glacier could have done time on the SEA GunLine on its' way to and fro from the North and South Poles.
The Beenie-Cap is even in an ARCTIC/ANTARCTIC paint scheme for U.S. Military aircraft.

OP SUNEC/THULE insignia for USS Glacier, has the Half-Wing for HU-2 DETs, UnUsed......inquire

AIR ANTISUBMARINE SQUADRON TWENTY-ONE, Japan made, glue has bled-through and residue on back, UnUsed....inquire
VC-21 was ReDesignated VS-21 April 23, 1950; DisEstablished February 28, 2005

VT-14 "PARTY GATOR"_140629
Navy Training Squadron-14, first VT-14 patch I have seen without a bottom-Tab, ready to fly with his: clipboard, booze, and smoke, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
VA-204 ATKRON-204_140617
Navy Attack Squadron 204, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
UnCommon patch, probably made by OSAN, Korea Air Base personnel, residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

USS Tarawa (LHA-1) 'WESTPAC 84-85' 'EAGLE OF THE SEA'_140612
- - - -
RVAH-1, RECON & Heavy Attack Squadron-1 flying RA-5C Vigilantes_140610
Reconnaissance Attack Squadron (Heavy)-ONE, made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire

RA-5C VIGILANTE Heavy Attack and RECON by North American_140610
(stored with Navy Aircraft)
- - - -
COMFAIR JAX, Commander Fleet Air, Jacksonville, Florida_140606
- - - -
VA(HM)-10 'ATTACK MINING SQUADRON TEN, made in Japan_140603.......(SOLD)
- - - -
VS-48_ID'd on Back 'VXE-8 USN', Penquin with Bomb standing on Antarctica_140426
(This patch design is ID'd on the Internet as VS-48 and listed as WWII era.......however on the reverse it is marked "VXE-8  USN", the VXE-6 Squadron uses a Penquin(???????))

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Commander Lee McAdams' Grouping
Entered Navy in March 1941, Radioman/Gunner in VBS-2 on USS Lexington (CV-2), spent 2 hours in the water after "Lady Lex" went down, sent to San Diego for "Survivor Refitting", assigned to VBS-10 onboard the USS Enterprise(CV-5), returned to CONUS for Flight Training, received his wings in July 1945 as an Aviation Pilot 1/c, temporary appointment to Ensign the same month, while onboard the USS Lexington(the new one) in 1965 he lead VA-52 on the first retaliatory raid on the Oil Tanks at Vinh, NVN after Gulf of Tonkin Incident, retired in 1971.

Patches can be purchased individually

McAdams_UI Squadron, probably a Scouting Squadron as the Dog has BINOCs_140420

McAdams_CVG-19, Korean War_140420
CVG-19 (left) has........(SOLD)
CVG-19 "KOREA", Japan made, RFU, Border damage(upper-left), blemish between Korea and "G-19", Used.....inquire

UnUsual Princeton patch
McAdams_USS Princeton, CV-37 'CVG-19 VAW E KOREA 1952'_140420
He was assigned to Composite Squadron Eleven and deployed onboard USS Princeton April 1951 to April 1953 out of NAS North Island

VA-52, CVW-5, USS Ticonderoga carried out Retalitory Raids on North Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin "Incident"
McAdams_VA-52, 1966, he was XO/CO of VA-52 during this time frame_140425

McAdams_CVW-5 onboard USS Ticonderoga for Gulf of Tonkin Incident_140425

McAdams_USS Ticonderoga_140425

McAdams_VA-215 'BARN OWLS', with CVG-21_140425
He was assigned to VA-215 onboard the Bon Homme Richards and Lexington circa June 1955 - January 1959

McAdams_CVG-21 with VA-215_140425

McAdams_DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK Factory Patch_140425

McAdams_NAVAL PARACHUTE FACILITY, Japan made patch_140425
He was assigned from February 1959 to January 1962 as Test Director and XO

Patches can be purchased individually

End of insigna from CMDR McAdams Grouping
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - -
VA-144 (ATKRON-144),'ROADRUNNERS', large Japan made_140402
Older patch with scrapbook residue on back

VA-153 (ATKRON-153),BLUE TAIL FLYS'', Griffin is high quality Japan made_140402
Older patch with scrapbook residue on back
Best looking Griffin I have owned!

PATROL SQUADRON FORTY-NINE (VP-49) Orca Killer Whale with JATO Bottles strapped to its' waist, squadron was flying  P5M amphibians_140413
One of the better designs for a Navy Patrol squadron, scrapbook residue on back.........(SOLD)

VS-30 Carrier Air Anti-Submarine Squadron-30 (AIRASRON 30), "Diamond Cutters"_140413
(see older VS-30 below)

Older, large, Japan made patch, the CLOUD looks similar to a chain-stitch(?).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Air Stations, Bases, Facilities, etc.
- - - -
FASU U-Tapao (FLT AIR SPT UNIT)_140417
Navy Fleet Air Support Unit at U-tapao, Thailand, Thai made, UnUsed.....inquire
( stored with Air STNS, Facilities, Bases, & etc. )

Naval Station, Midway 'NAVSTA MIDWAY', Japan made_140612

Newport News, Virginia "THE GREATEST SHIPYARD IN THE WORLD", UnUsed......inquire
NAVAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE (NCIS), Eagle with Shield, UnUsed.......inquire

Naval Communications Station, Puerto Rico "NAVCOMMSTA", UnUsed.......inquire
U.S. NAVRADTRANS FAC "CAPAS", UnUsed......inquire

USN_BASES_Delayed Entry,AEROSPACE Optometry,Meteorology_140608-3
Navy Delayed Entry Program, UnUsed......inquire
 U. S. Navy AEROSPACE Optometry, UnUsed.....inquire
Naval Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography Facility Jacksonville, Florida, UnUsed.......inquire




Navy_Air Stations Bulk Scan_Alameda,Brunswick,Chase Field_3x_140328-1
US Naval Air Station Alameda, California
US Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine
NAAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas

Navy_Air Stations Bulk Scan_Keflavik,Key West,Memphis_4x_140328-2
IMA = Intermediate Maintenance Activity, Keflavik, Iceland
NAS Memphis
US Naval Air Station, Key West, Florida
NATTC Memphis

Navy_Air Stations Bulk Scan_NAS Miramar Fightertown USA_3x_140328-3
NAS Miramar Fightertown USA, Topguns Bids Farewell, July 1972 - June 1996
Naval Air Station Miramar, Home of the Pacific Fleet Fighters
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

USS Jackson (LCS-6) 'VICTORIBUS SPOLIA'_140325
- - - -
USS Bataan Patches are from the same Veteran
USS BATAAN (CVL-29), Japan made_140324

Task Forces and their Names circa Korean War era
Under each TF there is a bunch of Task Groups
TF77 Seventh Fleet Striking Force
TF79 Logistic Support Force
TF90 Amphibious Force placeFar East
TF91 Logistic Support Force
TF95 Blockading and Escort Force
TG95.1 West Coast Group
TG95.2 East Coast Group.
TF96 Naval Force country-regionplaceJapan
TF99 Patrol and RECON Force
USS Bataan (CVL-29) (which had operated with the escort carriers during the critical period of the Inchon Evacuation) was assigned by Admiral Struble to Task Group 95.1 (Blocking and Escort Force - West Coast Group) and began to alternate ten-day periods of duty with HMS Theseus (R-64) as the principal unit of Task Element 95.11".
The Bataan returned to San Diego in June 1951; went into the shipyard for a spell in Bremerton and returned to Korea in April 1952 for a second tour.
USS BATAAN Task Force-95 'KOREA' (TF-95), Japan made_140324
- - - -
USS WAHOO (SS-565), Japan made_140322
USS Wahoo, made in Japan, UnUsed........(SOLD)
- - - -
VC-7_Old Design_140321
Composite AIR Squadron SEVEN, UnUsed.......inquire
Deployed Detachments on the USS Wasp (CV-18) & USS Intrepid (CVA-11) circa 1952 - 1955 for the Korean War
Later known as VAH-7 and RVAH-7 "Peacemakers of the Fleet" and "Go-Devils"
There is a controversy over the Orientation of this patch - I have oriented it according to the patch shown in the 1952 Issue of the Naval Aviation News

Heavy Attack Squadron SEVEN, first one with a separate SCROLL I have seen, residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
(These items go with the patch: Brass "plaque-plate" with his name and dates plus 2 pictures....one is the Pilot and a Buddy in full flying Gear and marked "KOREA")

RECONATKRON SEVEN, successor squadron to the VC-7, UnUsed.......inquire

VA-(HM)-10 'MINE LAYING' SQ_140322
ATTACK MINING SQUADRON-TEN, Patch made in Japan, residue on back, made in Japan, UnUsed........(SOLD)
History: VP-17 Redesignated VA(HM)-10......and then, VA(HM)-10 was Redesignated VP-17 on July 1, 1959...I think they were flying Neptunes regardless of designation.
The VA(HM) Attack Mining Squadron Designator was used circa 1956-1959 per the Navy History web site

VA-46 'CLANSMEN' 'VINCERE VEL MORI' (To conquer or die)_140322
The Tartan is embroidered very heavy - the small green squares are 3D, made in Japan

Design used from 1959 - 1965

VA-172 'BLUE BOLTS'_140322
- - - -
USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) 'Bonnie Dick'_140317
Large patch made in Japan

Commander, Medium Attack Tactical Electronic Warfare Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMMATVAQWINGPAC)_140317

Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet, 3-Star Flag_140317
- - - -
Coastal Squadron-Three "CHECKMATE"_140312
COMCOSRON-3, made in Japan
- - - -
Strike Assault Boat Squadron-20 (STABRON-20)
also known as: SEAL Team Assault Boat Squadron Twenty
( see pics and history on this web site    http://www.warboats (dot) org/stabron20.htm#stabron )
USN_SEAL S.T.A.B.S. chain stitched in Vietnam_140304
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_CV-61,USS Enterprise,AVT-16_140311
USS Ranger (CVA-61), CVW-2 "Down Under '89, Anytime, Mate!", Unused.....(sold)
Uss Enterprise (CVN-65) CVW-11, "EAST COAST BOUND" "89-90 WORLD CRUISE", Unused.......inquire
USS Lexington (AVT-16) Minuteman ship's patch, Unused......inquire

USN_Working Sailor, made in Japan
The guy that does the work!!!!
Tall patch Japan made
( stored in GRAY Cabinet )

USS Barbel (SS-580) 'DIESEL BOATS FOR EVER', made in Japan_140311...........(SOLD)

VF-84 'VAGABONDS'_140311
US navy Fighting-84
I think they were active circa 1955 - 1960
- - - -
VA-892_1950s Naval Reserve Squadron, probably flew A-4s and maybe other aircraft_140228
VA-892 was a "Selected Reserve"(SELRES) Squadron that was active from 1956 to July 1, 1965 and was based in Seattle, WA  
 ( There were Two Reserve Squadrons in Seattle, VA-891 and 892, both were SELRES, both DeCommissioned on July 1, 1965 )

VP-21, Patron-21, Patrol Squadron-21_140228
Fine mesh backing - Squadron was Active circa 1948 - 1969
- - - -
FLEET AIR WING-TWO (FAW-2) was Assigned to Fleet Air Hawaii along with several Detachments.
I am guessing the Fleet Air Hawaii Command was run by a 2-star Admiral(?)....anyone know the command structure?

USS PINE ISLAND (AV-12) 'FAR EAST CRUISE '60 '61'...... 1960-61 Six Flag Cruise Patch_140224
Was handsewn to a Jacket - never washed.
- - - -
USS AMERICA (CVA-66) FAR EAST CRUISE 1968, made in Japan_140219
- - - -
USN_VT_Bulk Scan_VT-0,VT-3,TRARON-6,VT7,VT10_140220-1

USN_VT_Bulk Scan_VT-19,VT23,VT-26,VT-31,VT-86,Naval Air Training Unit_140220-2
- - - -
USN_SHIPS_Bulk Scan_Cascade AD-16,Puget Sound AD-58,Kilauea AE-25,Santa Barbara AE-28,USNS S.R. LEE (AG-192)_140220-3

USN_SHIPS_Bulk Scan_Emory Island, Spear,Platte, USS MEMPHIS (SSN-691)_140220-4




USN_Bulk Scan_CV-41,CV-43,CVS-45 USS VALLEY FORGE,CV-61,CV-63,CV-64_140220-8


USN_VB-VX Bulk Scan_POSS VMFA-235,VAQ-135,SEAWOLVES,VR-57,VP-41,VP-49,VAQ-137_140220-10


USN_Wings-Rotary_Bulk Scan_CVW-10,HC-4,COMFAIRCARIB,CH-53E,CVW-12,
"2003" Black Pony, possibly HC-4 (2nd version) flying CH-53s
- - - -
VQ-1 Fleet Reconnaissance Squadron One, CREW TWO, Japan made, depicts a Happy(blissful?) Turtle in a Flyer's Brown Leather Helmet_140212
- - - -
USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) WESTPAC 79-80 VFMA-323 & 531, CVW-14, Marines flying F-4s Phantoms_140212
( Also in the USMC NA Section )
( There were 5-6 variations of this patch, each depicting a different aircraft for the various Squadrons onboard this Cruise )  
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_USN-NASA Gulfstream Drift,VF-101 DET Key West 'Grim Reapers'_140210
- - - -
SEABEES_RVN Era Bee Patch,LM Tapes_140130
Only the Local-made Tapes and Patch are for sale  -  removed from this ERDL Lime POPLIN shirt(formerly 7934T).
- - - -
USN_SUB & NSG Bulk Scan_140120-1
USS GROWLER (SSG-577), made in Japan, Used........................(SOLD)
- - - -
USN_SHIPs Bulk Scan_131219-1

USN_SHIPs Bulk Scan_131219-2

USN_SHIPs Bulk Scan_131219-3

USN_SHIPs Bulk Scan_131219-4

USN_SHIPs Bulk Scan_131219-5
- - - -
USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-1

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-2

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-3
( another USS Gudgeon, dated 130912, also listed on this page )

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-4

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-5
- - - -
USS LAPON (SSN-661) 'SECRET ET HARDI', by Swiss-Tex, mounted on card_140202
The vertical line is only the seam in the cellophane, not dirt on the patch.
- - - -
USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-6

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-7

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-8

USN_SUB Bulk Scan_131218-9
Surface Ship - USS SPROSTON (DD-577)
- - - -
ROTARY_HC-4,LAMPS MK III Bulk Scan_131218
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_Brown Water & etc._131210-0830-1

USN_Bulk Scan_Brown Water & etc._131210-0830-2
Danang NSA is inverted

USN_Bulk Scan_Brown Water & etc._131210-0830-3

USN_Bulk Scan_Brown Water & etc._131210-0830-4
- - - -
USN_VP Bulk Scan_VP-40 'LAGING HANDA', VP-40 Spook riding a P-3 Orion, VP-56 'DRAGONS'_131209

USN_VB-VX Bulk Scan_VS-35,VT-27,VX-1,VX-6_131209-1405

USN_VB-VX Bulk Scan_VS-29(2),VS-33(4)_131209-1400

USN_VB-VX Bulk Scan_VR-7A AIRTRANSRON 7 DET A,VR-21_131209-1345
- - - -
USN_ATG-102, CVAG-11 Bulk Scan_131209
Air Task Group-102, hand-embroidered with a black backing, some mothing and holes, UnUsed........inquire
Attack Carrier Air Group Eleven, circa 1947-1948(short lived), UnUsed.........inquire

USN_CVG-8,CVW-14 Bulk Scan_131209

USN_CVW-15,7th Fleet,TF-77 Bulk Scan_131209
Carrier Air Wing-15, "VIS UNITA FORTIOR", large Japan made patch, Unused.......inquire
7th Fleet, Larger patch made in Japan, tiny pinhole at top from being displayed on a board, UnUsed........(sold)
 Task Force-77 "HAWAII, PHILIPPINES, JAPAN, OKINAWA, VIETNAM, HONG KONG", made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_AIRCRAFT_E-2,P-3,S-3_131208

USN_Bulk Scan_AIRCRAFT_EA-6B,F-14_131208

USN_Bulk Scan_AIRCRAFT_F-14,C-131(T-29)_131208

USN_Bulk Scan_AIRCRAFT_F-14_131208
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_CVA-19,CV-21,CVA-31,CV-41_131206

USN_Bulk Scan_CVA-43,CVA-60,CVA-59_131206

USN_Bulk Scan_CVA-61_3x_131206

USN_Bulk Scan_CVA-62,CV-62_131206
- - - -
The following Three picfiles are from a VMA-332 Pilot
USN_Bulk Scan_CVE-119,VMA-332_131206-1

USN_Bulk Scan_CVE-119,VMA-332_131206-2

USN_Bulk Scan_CVE-119,VMA-332_131206-3

USN_Bulk Scan_CVS-12,CVS-15_131206

USN_Bulk Scan_V-1,CVS-10,CVS-11,CVS-12_131206
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_VCP-61 DET-ZULU,VF-84_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-11,VF-14,VF-21,VF-24,VF-31_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-92,VF-124_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-114 'Aardvarks'_x3_131204
Left, Fighting 114................(SOLD)
Middle, Pegasus, off-white PELLON backing, Unused.......inquire
Right, Vark with tan PELLON backing, Unused.....inquire

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-143_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-154_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-173,VF-213_131204
Fighting-173 "JESTERS", circa 1948-59, UnUsed.........inquire
Fighting-213,eight Gold Stars & "F14" on dark blue field, Tomcat era, UnUsed.......inquire
VF-213, Black Lion with 8 x Gold Stars on blue background, UnUsed.......inquire

USN_Bulk Scan_VF-837,VF-1170_131204

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3506CF - The Next Three picfiles are from Commander Paul N. Gray's Estate (Retired as a Captain).  
He was the "Real" Bridges of Toko-ri Squadron Leader.  
His VF-54 'ANGELI-INFERNI' is from his Korean War era Flight suit.
His painted-leather VB-92 is from WW2.

( Patches and PICs are in the VF-54 Section; Paperwork is in the 3506CF Box )

USN_3506CF-1_GRAY's Bulk Scan_VF-54.VB-92_131204
WW2 era BOMBING Squadron Niney-Two, painted on leather, circa 1945, RFU, Used.......inquire
Korean War era FIGHTING Squadron Fifty-Four, circa 1951-52 aboard the USS Essex, RFU, Used.......inquire

USN_3506CF-2_GRAY's Bulk Scan_VF-53,VA-26_131204
FIGHTING Fifty-Three (VF-53), Very-Uncommon "Sans Reproache" "BLUE KNIGHTS" w/Double Bottom-ARCs, I contacted several collectors/dealers and no one has seen this patch, UnUsed....inquire
ATTACK SQUADRON Twenty-Six (VA-26), "SKY LANCERS" (short-lived designator), RFU, Used...........( SOLD-140726 )

USN_3506CF-3_GRAY's Bulk Scan_VA-96,ATG-3,CVS-33_131204
NAVY ATTACK SQUADRON Ninety-Six (ATAKRON-96), RFU, Used........inquire
Air Task Group THREE, "NIHIL DIFFICILE", (short-lived 1963-1964), )made in Japan, UnUsed......( SOLD - 140808 ))
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_VA-42, VA-46, VA-52_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-55, VA-56_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-66, VA-76_131204
VA-66 "ATTACKRON-66", Mad Red Rooster with asmoking machine gun

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-82, VA-85_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-97, VAW-116, VAQ-131_131204
VAW-116, "WORLD FAMOUS SUNKINGS" USS CONSTGELLATION (CV-64), I.O. 1980 Centurion, UnUsed.......inquire
VAW-116 "SUN KINGS" 1980 INIDAN OCEAN, UnUsed.......inquire

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-105,VAW-111,VAW-114_131204

USN_BULK SCAN_VA-146, VA-147_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-152,VA-153_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-163,VA-165,VA-176_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-192,VA-195_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-196_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VA-203,VA-205,VA-216,VA-305_131204
VA-216 "ATKRON 216" "BLACK DIAMONDS", made in Japan, flew ADs, Furies, and Skyhawks, circa 1950s into 1960s

USN_Bulk Scan_VAH-6,VAW-11,VAW-13,VA-36_131204

USN_Bulk Scan_VAP-61 Detachment 'PIZZA' Large Patch, DET Tango Thailand, Kilo ROK, DET Danang, Southpaw Australia
( stored in flat plastic box with USS Gudgeon, USS TANG,  VAP-61 )

USN_Bulk Scan_VAW-122,VA-125,VAQ-130,VAQ-135,VAQ-139_131204
The top-right image is a drawing that may have been made into a patch(?) - anyone every see this VAQ-130 DET-4 patch?
- - - -
Large USS Gudgeon (SS-567) Japan made Patch
Commander Submarines Pacific Flagship 1957-1958 'Around the World Cruise'_130912
( stored in flat plastic box with USS TANG, VAP-61 )

Large USS TANG (SS-563) Japan made Patch
USS Tang (SS-563) made in Japan_130912
( stored in flat plastic box with USS Gudgeon, VAP-61 )
- - - -
USN_Bulk Scan_CVS-20,CVA-43 Cruise Patches_140210-1
USS BENNINGTON (CVS-20) "FAR EAST CRUISE 1961", made in Japan, UnUsed......(sold)
USS CORAL SEA (CVA-43) "FAR EAST CRUISE 66-67", 6 x Flags to include Vietnam's, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
USN_Cruise Patches_130514-1
Some of these Cruise patches may also be in the Bulk scans above

Some of these patches may also be in the Bulk scans above

USN_CVW-14 & TF-77 (Vietnam,Okinawa,Japan,Hawaii,Philipines,Hong Kong) Patches_130514-3
Some of these patches may also be in the Bulk scans above

USN_Brown Water Navy "NAVSUPPOT SADEC" & 7th Fleet  Patches_130514-4
Some of these patches may also be in the Bulk scans above

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Brown Water Navy, Seebees, SEALs, UDTs,
Diving Units, Search & Rescue, and etc.
- - - -
SEAL Trident Silver Enlisted Badge_141215_2x
Made in Japan, plastic clutches, I think it is in UnUsed Condition..........inquire
Vintage brass clutches, Japan made, Used........inquire
( These were found together in an Estate Sale )

MACV Naval ADV TM-159, 4th Coastal Zone_141216
"ADVISORY TEAM-159" "FOURTH COASTAL ZONE", made in Japan, UnUsed.........inquire

"SOLID ANCHOR" "TRAN HUNG DAO IV", made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

RIVDIV-535, Japan made_141216
Brown Water Navy PBR River Division-535 with Green Border, made in Japan, UnUsed........inquire
( I think this is a hard to find insignia )

This patch from 3506BW-7 Grouping
RIVSEC-541, 3506BT-Veteran's Grouping Catalog Number 3506BW-7, circa 66-67_141216
River Section-541, made in Japan, circa 1966-67, from the Veteran, UnUsed.........( ONLY sold with the Veteran's Grouping = don't ask!!!!! )
( I also have his Black Beret with the Badge of a Vietnamese Policeman - he was deputized so he could arrest Viets on the River )

3506CE_Junk Force BERET made by PHUOC-THANH of Saigon_131210
3508CE, Bullion Junk Force Badge, made in Vietnam, Used.........inquire

U.S. NAVAL SUPPORT UNIT DEEP FREEZE III, International Geophysical Year 1957-1958, UnUsed.........inquire

3506CC_SEAL Lime-Leaf ERDL BERET, made in Vietnam, size 58(large)_131210

USN Underwater Demolition Team 'FROG DOGS UDT SECURITY'_141026
After checking with several longtime RVN patch Dealers/Collectors it has been decided the Patch was Machine embroidred in Vietnam during the War, the hand-embroidery was done later by the UDT man or his Mother or etc., UnUsed........inquire
( anyone know the Unit that used the "FROG DOGS" name? )

Well made SAR Crew-1, Unused........inquire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 United States Coast Guard Section

USCG_Qualification Badge_140804
HU-16 Albatross Badge, UnUsed.......inquire
Helicopter (model unknown) badge, UnUsed.....inquire
Black Helicopter on Yellow Band, UnUsed......inquire

USCG_Bulk Scan_Stations_140325
USCG HU-25A Falcon, Air Station Cape Cod, UnUsed......inquire

USCG_Bulk Scan_Stations and etc._131210-1

USCG_Bulk Scan_Ships_131210-2

USCG_Bulk Scan_Antarctica,AVDET-138_131210-3
- - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naval Aviation "New Book" Section

The BOOK Section is a service to Naval Veterans and Collectors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you want to purchase this book, contact Chris Monier at  christophe.monier5@wanadoo.fr  

I have read "F-8 Crusader BuNo 149210 and its Drivers" by Chris and it goes deep into BuNo 149210's History to include Pilot's Log Books, Patches, Aircraft Profiles, Jackets, Flight Gear, Models, and etc..  This F-8 was flown on eight deployments to SEA, 6 by the Navy and 2 by the Marines; it was then sold to the French Navy and when it was retired Chris acquired the Cockpit section and restored it; it now resides at Chris's home.

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If you are interested in an item

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 Navy Section-TWO

- - - -

- - - - - - - - - -  Aircraft/etc. Section - - - - - - - - - -

USN_SHIPs and Station Bulk Scan_140503
Naval Air Technical Training Command, Memphis, UnUsed.......inquire
USS Denver (LPD-9), "USMC - USN" "WESTPAC 90-91 OPERATION DESERT STORM", also did Operation Frequent Wind", "When the going gets tough - CALL 1-800-DENVER", Unused......inquire
USS ESTEEM (MSO-438), UnUsed........inquire

USN_WW2 Pilot's Rating 3rd Class Petty Officer, dated 1942_140528
Hard to find early-WWII Enlisted Pilot's sleeve insignia, white specks were on the scanner glass=patch is clean, UnUsed.......inquire

USN_Aviation Pilot 1st Class (AP1c) with Gold Wing, dated 1945_140717
WW2 Enlisted Pilot's Rating, UnUsed........inquire

A-4 'DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK' Factory Patch, Blue Eagle with Bombs in its' Talons_141026
Factory SKYHAWK insignia, RFU, Used......inquire
( see the A-4 site on this URL Link:  http://a4skyhawk  dot  org/  one of the better Veteran's sites )

USN_EA-6B Grumman Prowler_4x_150222
Triangle, some border-corners were not made correctly (=minor BLEMs), UnUsed.......inquire
 "NIGHT PROWLER", UnUsed.......inquire
Black Panther, UnUsed.......inquire
Grumman Iron Works, UnUsed......inquire
( Electronic Warfare aircraft developed from the A-6 Intruder; flown by the Navy and Marine Corps; also supports USAF Missions )

F-14 TOMCAT 'ANYTIME, BABY...!'_141017
I guess he is leaning on a Boxing Ring top rope(?), "Made in Taiwan" label, UnUsed......inquire
( Taiwan was a big-player in manufacturing USN patches during this era )

 - - - - - - - - - - -   Carrier Section - - - - - - - - - -

USS TICONDEROGA, large Japan made, UnUsed..........inquire

USS WASP (CVA-18) Task Force-77 World Cruise 1953-54, CVG-17_R
Red Devil riding a F9F-6 swept-wing Cougar on TF-77's Cruise of 1953 - 1954, USA, LARGE Japan made patch, NORTH ATLANTIC, ITALY, SUEZ CANAL, CEYLON, PHILIPPINES, JAPAN, CHINA, KOREA, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, USA, UnUsed......inquire
CVG-17 (Tail Code R)
September 16, 1953  to  May 1, 1954 cruised from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego, California
VF-171 Aces F2H-3
VF-172 Blue Bolts F2H-2
VF-173 Jesters F9F-6 (swept-wing Cougars)
VA-175 Devil's Diplomats AD-4/4B/4L
VC-4 DET-48 Nightcappers F2H-3
VC-7 DET-48 Peacemakers of the Fleet AJ-1
VC-12 DET-48   AD-4W
VC-33 DET-8 Avengers AD-4N
VC-62 DET-48 Fighting Photos F2H-2P
HU-2 DET-48 Fleet Angels   

USS BOXER (CV-21) Task Force-77, KW era_150223
USS Boxer TF-77, early Korean War Japan made patch, RFU, purchased from a Veteran, Used........inquire
( The "TASK FORCE KOREA"  looks faded on the front but check the reverse, it was made with white-thread )

USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31) CVG-5, FAR EAST CRUISE 1957, VF-54 and others onboard_140728
"Bonnie Dick", AIR GROUP 5, small puckers along the border, RFU, made in Japan, Used.......inquire
FAR EAST CRUISE July 12, 1957 - December 9, 1957 onboard Bon Homme Richard
Squadrons in CVG-5 with Tail Code "NF"
VF-51 Screaming Eagles flying FJ-3M
VF-141Iron Angels flying F4D-1
VA-56 Boomerangs flying F9F-8
VA-54 Hell's Angels flying AD-6/7/4Q
VAH-2 DET-B Royal Rampants flying A3D-2
VAW-11 DET-B Early Eleven flying AD-5W
VA(AW)-35 DET-B Night Hecklers flying AD-5N
VFP-61 DET-B Eyes of the Fleet flying F9F-8P
HU-1 DET-B Pacific Fleet Angels flying HUP-2

USS PHILIPPINE SEA (CVS-47) Operation OCEAN LINK in 1958, TF-78_141017
Operation Ocean Link was a SEATO Exercise in 1958, large patch, scrapbook residue on back, Unused.......inquire
( I believe VS-21, VS-23, VS-37 & HS-6 were on this cruise--not much on the Internet about CVS-47's last cruise - DeCommission on 581228.  )
( I think the "78" is for TF-78 but I cannot prove that - anyone know if this is TF-78 )

- - - - - - 1967-1969 USS Kitty Hawk/VF-114 Grouping - - - - - -

This 1967 - 1969 Veteran's Grouping was glued to an Orange color cloth on a board.
All of the Patches are in UnUsed Condition and most were removed with very little (or NO) damage.
Some (like the USS Kitty Hawk "Ship's patch") had major distortion and glue damage.

Patches from this Grouping can be purchased individually!

USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)_WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
USS Kitty Hawk_Vf-114 'TTP TOL ETTIMEY' WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
USS Kitty Hawk, glue damage and distortion, UnUsed.......inquire
VF-114, Japan made, UnUsed......inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_'CVA-63' ''A-6 A-7 RA-5C A-3 E-2A UH-2C C-1A F-4'_WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
USS Kitty Hawk "WESTPAC 1969", Maker's Blemish on the right border where it meets the base material near the "A-3 and F-4", UnUsed.......inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_'DRAG SIX'. WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
USS Kitty Hawk, Japan made, patch for the Air Control(or LSO) depicting a real (or imagened) screw-up of landing the 6 aircraft astern, "LINSFIELD" was blamed for the mess(?), UnUsed......inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_'WESTPAC 67-68', WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63), Japan made, UnUsed........inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_Vf-114 'Aardvark' WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
VF-114 Fully-Embroidered patch made in Japan, UnUsed........inquire

1968 Champions GOGGIN-ARNOLD, Death before Defeat, 200 ACCIDENT FREE JEEPNEY HOURS, OLONGAPO(Philippine IslandsI), made in Japan, UnUsed........inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_Vf-114 '2.000 AOM.S' WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
VF-114 Aardvard sleeping in the 2,000th ALL OFFICERS MEETINGS, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_Factory 'McDONNELL PHANTOM II' patch, WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
Early McDonnell F-4 Factory Patch given to the Navy Personnel, UnUsed.....inquire

USS Kitty Hawk_U. S. Woven FLAG, WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
United States of America FLAG, UnUsed.........inquire
( I think USN personnel started wearing this type of Flag in the late-1950s )

USS Kitty Hawk_'NAS MIRAMAR Home of the Pacific Fleet Fighters'. WESTPAC '67-'69_140821
Fightertown, USA, Naval Air Station, Miramar, UnUsed.......inquire

Patches from this Grouping can be purchased individually!

- - - - - - End of USS Kitty Hawk/VF-114 Grouping - - - - - -
- - - -

 - - - - - - - - - - -   Group-Wing Section - - - - - - - - - -

CVG-19_Japan made_140717
Carrier Air Group, (notice this helmet comb has the same color combination as the following patch), UnUsed.......inquire

CVG-19_made in Japan_140717
Carrier Air Group Nineteen, old collector's ID, UnUsed.......inquire

CVSG-54 & CAG-54_2x_150223
 "CAG" with white-border, (either a mistake or was made for the Commander of Air Group-54?), large Japan made, inquire
( CVSG-54 Established May 18, 1960. Cruised in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean area onboard USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39) until September 1965. Cruises on other CVSs from 1966-72 Essex, Randolph, and Wasp. Several short Med cruises on Wasp. CVSG-54 was DisEstablished July 1, 1972. )

CVSG-55, VS-23,VS-25,HS-4,VAW-11 DET 'T'_140702
AntiSubmarine Carrier GROUP FIFTY-FIVE with: VS-23 Black Cats, VS-25 Golden Eagles, HS-4 Black Knights, and VAW-11 DET “T” Early Eleven Squadrons, Japan made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - - - - CVG-101(Reserve) Grouping - - - - - -
USS Boxer (CV-21) West Pacific Cruise(Korea) March 1951 to October 24, 1951
 VF-721........"STARBUSTERS" from Illinois..................F9F-2B A 100
VF-791..................................F4U-4 A 200
VF-884........"BITTER BIRDS" Jayhawkers from Kansas..................F4U-4 A 400
VA-702........"RUSTLERS" from Texas..................AD-2 / 4Q A 500
VC-3 DET-F..................................F4U-5NL NP 00
VC-11 DET-F...........................AD-4W ND 00
VC-35 DET-5..........................................AD-4N / 2Q / 2N NR 00
VC-61 DET-F............................F9F-2P PP 50
HU-1 DET-F................................HO3S-1 UP 00

- - - - I will sell individual patches from this Grouping - - - -

Carrier Air Group-One Zero One(Reserve), Made in USA, Unused.......inquire

VF-884 'STARBUSTERS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951, Woody Woodpecker with a Lance_140925
Navy Fighting Squadron Eight Eight Four, Woody on a Black Panther dressed as a Knight in a Jousting Tournament, a Jet Engine is strapped to the Cat's back, made in USA, Unused......inquire
( This VF-884 patch came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

VF-884 'BITTER BIRDS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951_140925
Fighting Squadron-884, made in USA, Jayhawkers from NAS Olathe, Kansas called-up for Korean War, UnUsed......inquire
( VF-884 patch came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

VA-702 'RUSTLERS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951_140925
Navy Attack Squadron-702, made in Japan, "Rustlers" from Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas(Hensley Field), UnUsed.......inquire
( The VA-702 patch did NOT come with the CVG-101 GROUPING; it is the correct Vintage for this Cruise and has the date "1951" on a collector's label on the back )

CVG-101 Grouping BLOOD CHIT, USS BOXER 1951 Cruise_140925
Japan made Blood Chit with the CVG-101 Grouping, 48-Star U. S. Flag, UnUsed.......inquire
( This BLOOD CHIT came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

- - - - - - - - - - - End of Grouping - - - - - - - - - - -

Anti-Submarine Warfare PATROL WINGS PACIFIC_140717
LARGER ASW patch, UnUsed........inquire

Large "WE DESTROY" patch, Unused........inquire

- - -  ROTARY/Light ATTACK Section - - -

HU-2 & USS Saratoga MED Cruise 1964-65 'FOWLUS PLUCKERUS'_140702
Utility Helicopter Squadron TWO onboard the Saratoga(CVA-60) for the 1964-65 MED Cruise, a Red Rooster Aviator is depicted as being rescued by HU-2, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

HU-4 (HUTRON FOUR)_140629

Made in Japan by ACE, a small patch that could have been worn on the shirt-pocket or on a Vietnamese style Beret, UnUsed......inquire

HS-6, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Six(HELASRON-6), “INDIANS”_140626
Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron-6, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

HS-11, Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron-11, 'Dragon Slayers'_140413

HELICOPTER SQUADRRON EIGHT SIXTY-ONE, AntiSubmarine Warfare duty, Large patch made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   VA Section - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

VAW-11 DET-ALFA 1965, CVW-2 USS MIDWAY (CVA-41)_140717
"ALFA-BUG" made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

VAW-11 DET-ALFA 1965, CVW-2_140717
Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron Eleven, Detachment-ALFA, "Early Elevens", made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

VA-45 '4 and 20'_140717
Navy Attack Squadron Forty-Five "4 and 20", Blackbird patch adopted in 1951, UnUsed........inquire

VA-85 (ATKRON-85) 'BLACK FALCONS'_140612
Attack Squadron Eighty Five, UnUsed......inquire

VA-86 SKYWINDERS', F7U-M, Sparrow Missile Evaluation circa 1955_150126
Attack Squadron-86 "SKYWINDERS", circa 1955-1957 while testing the Sparrow Missile system and flying F7U-3Ms, UnUsed.......inquire
( was on the old site as a UI(possible VA-86) )

( some History )
June 1955: VF-84 was assigned the F7U-3M ( nicknamed: Last Chance Vought, Gutless Cutlass, or Ensign Killer )
July 1, 1955: VF-84 was ReDesignated Attack Squadron EIGHTY-SIX (VA-86)
January 1956 to April 1956: Attack Squadron EIGHTY-SIX operating the F7U-3M's Cutlass was assigned to Air Task Group-181 and embarked on a shake-down cruise on the United States Ship Forrestal CVA-59. Once at sea the Gutless Cutlass was pronounced unsafe for carrier operation due to the nose gear collapsing on landing. Prior to arriving in Cuba, the aircraft were launched for Naval Air Station Leeward Point, Cuba. When the ship anchored at Leeward Point, the crew was transferred to Leeward Point for the rest of the cruise. Prior to the Forrestal departing the Cuba area, the aircraft were taken by barge
out to the boat and loaded aboard by crane. Prior to docking in Norfolk, the aircraft were launched and returned to Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
May 26, 1957: VA-86 was assigned the A4D-1 (A-4A) Douglas Skyhawk ending the F7U-3M era.

VA-112 'ATKRON-112'_140702
VA-112 (formerly VF-12), Japan made, small brown stain at 0400, UnUsed........inquire

VA-122 Eagle with a Bomb_140629
ATTACK SQUADRON-ONE TWENTY-TWO, "FLYING EAGLES" patch made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
There have been two distinct Navy squadrons known as the "Flying Eagles"; first Established in 1950 as VC-35 and later ReDesignated VA(AW)-35 & VA-122; DeCommissioned  May 1991

VA-165 'BOOMERS'_150228
ATTACK SQUADRON-165, large Japan made, one of the better-made patches from Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
( I have more on the old site  www.LJMilitaria.com )  

VA-195 a Tiger with a Parrot ca 1951-52 Cruise on CV-17, CVG-19, 1st Design_140909
Attack Squadron-195, made in Japan, UnUsed........(sold)

USN_Bulk SCAN_VA-145_5x_140925
ATKRON-145, collector's label on back "A-6E", Unused........inquire
 "RUSTLER'S LAST RIDE" "1952-1993"(the "1952" date is wrong-it should be earlier-it was VA-702 "RUSTLERS" in 1949(Texas Reserve outfit)), Unused........inquire
Bottom-Right, UnUsed........inquire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  VC/VF Section - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

VCN-1, Night Composite Squadron-1, 1946-48_140809
VCN-1 (Active from August 1, 1946 to late-1948), has the Moon & Lighting in the upper-left quadrant, has a white lightning bolt versus a Yellow which most of this lineage has, UnUsed.....inquire
( Still listed on the Old Site )

VF-2_'BOUNTY TIME, BABY!', Tom and Skull (formerly old site Pic-89)_141206

VC-8, Fleet Composite Squadron Eight 'Redtails'_141017
VC-8, I cannot find this variant on the Internet - it is not on the A-4 site so I believe it is pre-Sky Hawk days, UnUsed.......inquire
( The aircraft in the Eagle's right Talon is a F-9F(QF-9F) Cougar putting this patch circa 1960 - 197x, probably 1974. )
( Anyone know the designator for the Helicopter in the left Talon? )

VF(AW)-3 'All Weather Fighter'_140808
This is an older Patch, this unit had many Designators over its' Active Service from WW2 to 1963, Residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
( Notice the Moon and Lighning Bolt are in the same Quadrant as the VCN-1 above )

FIGHTING TWELVE "CUSTODES PACIS ARMIS", scrapbook residue on back, minor brown stain at 0400, Unused.......inquire
(VF-12 ReDesignated VA-112 - patch below)

VF-22 “CAVALIERS”, Cat with a Three Musketeers Plumed Hat_140626
Navy Fighter Squadron-Twenty-two, been in 2 x scrapbooks, the Cat riding a Lightning-Bolt ready with his Pistol and Rocket, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
VFT-24 'GREEN ACES', possibly Navy Advance Fighter Training squadron_2x_140630
VFT-24 on left has been creased while stored, New-With-Storage-Marks(NWSM), UnUsed........inquire
USN VFT on RIGHT, UnUsed........inquire
This VFT-1 patch provides connection between the VFT patches and the BTGs

VF-33_'STAR WARS, BABY!', (old Pic-89 on old site)_141206

"FIGHTING EIGHTY-FOUR "JOLLY ROGERS", white specks on black twill were on the scanner bed, UnUsed........inquire

VF-142,USS Ranger 'NK' 1959 cruise 'WORLD FAMOUS FIGHTING FALCONS'_140702
FIGHTING ONE FORTY-TWO "RANGER 59 NK", cruise on the USS Ranger in 1959, flying F8U-1s, large Japan made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

VF-143 'PUKIN' DOGS', motto Sans Reproache, Tom with the Black Griffin_141017
VF-143, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-154_'BLACK KNIGHTS' 'ANY KNIGHT, BABY!', (old Pic-89-old site)_141206

- - - - - - - -  Vx (other Flying Units Section) - - - - - - - -

VS-27 'Z2', Anti-Submarine Squadron_150303
VS-27 "Z2"(meaning unknown), UnUsed.......inquire
( If anyone knows the meaning of "Z2" let me know )

ATU-202(now VT-21) Advanced Jet Training Unit at NAAS Kingsville_140702
ADVANCE TRAINING UNIT TWO HUNDRED TWO, Redesignated VT-21 in May 1960, Japan made, UnUsed........inquire
Probably an older design as in later-life the two Fledglings were Red and the unit is now know as the "RED HAWKS" vice the Blue Hawks on this design.

- - - - - - - CVG/CVW Section - - - - - - -

- - - - - - CVG-101(Reserve) Grouping - - - - - -
USS Boxer (CV-21) West Pacific Cruise(Korea) March 1951 to October 24, 1951
 VF-721........"STARBUSTERS"..................F9F-2B A 100
VF-791..................................F4U-4 A 200
VF-884........"BITTER BIRDS"..................F4U-4 A 400
VA-702........"RUSTLERS" (from Texas)..................AD-2 / 4Q A 500
VC-3 DET-F..................................F4U-5NL NP 00
VC-11 DET-F..................................AD-4W ND 00
VC-35 DET-5..................................AD-4N / 2Q / 2N NR 00
VC-61 DET-F..................................F9F-2P PP 50
HU-1 DET-F..................................HO3S-1 UP 00

- - - - I will sell individual patches from this Grouping - - - -

Carrier Air Group-101(Reserve), Made in USA, Unused.......inquire

VF-884 'STARBUSTERS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951, Woody Woodpecker with a Lance_140925

( This VF-884 patch came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

VF-884 'BITTER BIRDS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951_140925

( VF-884 patch came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

VA-702 'RUSTLERS', CVG-101, USS BOXER 1951_140925

( The VA-702 patch did NOT come with the CVG-101 GROUPING; it is the correct Vintage for this Cruise and has the date "1951" on a collector's label on the back )

CVG-101 Grouping BLOOD CHIT, USS BOXER 1951 Cruise_140925

( This BLOOD CHIT came with the CVG-101 GROUPING )

- - - - - - - - - - - - -  Submarine Section  - - - - - - - - - - - -

USS BLACKFIN (SS-322), made in Japan_140804
Japanese made USS Blackfin, UnUsed........inquire

USS ARCHERFISH,QUEENFISH_Launch Ribbon & Tag_140713
USS ARCHER-FISH (SS-311) 'REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR Kittery, Maine 1943 Souvenir Portsmouth New Hampshire Launching', Ribbon and Metal Tag, Used......inquire
USS QUEENFISH (SS-393) 'Kittery, Maine 1943 Souvenir Portsmouth New Hampshire Launching', Ribbon and metal disc, Used......inquire

USS Robert E. Lee, Unused........inquire

USS RED FISH (SS-395), made in Japan_140804
USS REDFISH, depicts a Hostile Woodpecker & Torpedo, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

USS Sea Lion (APSS-315), made in Japan_140804
USS Sea Lion, Japanese made, notice the USMC EGA, had a Good Record in WW2 and later converted to haul USMC RECON, UDTs, SEAL Teams, and I would guess NSG Operators, does not lay flat, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

If you are interested in an item email:

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- - - -

USN Section TWO

- - - -



- - - -

Korea_22nd Infantry Division, Bullion_140318
Republic of Korea, Army 22nd Infantry Division, from the 1950s, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -

403rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Royal Thai Air Force, Takhli, Thailand

BULK SCAN_131004
OV-10 BRONCO and SKY COBRA Helicopter

RTAVF, Black Panther depicted, made in Vietnam_140312
Royal Thai Army Volunteer Force that served in Vietnam
(I think they mainly served in the Saigon area as that is where I use to see their M-151s heading to Saigon with new Refrigerators in the back seat)
- - - -

RVN_Military Police Woven Insignia_140613
Republic of Vietnam MP UnCut insignia, UnUsed.......inquire

RVN_ARVN Master Instructor-Monitor Jump Badge_140910
Hand-Embroidered Instructor's Wing made in Vietnam, never seen one like this-UnCommon, UnUsed.......inquire
( All 5 x Jump Wing Bulk Scans are also listed in the U. S. ARMY GROUND Section )

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-1
Army of the Republic of Vietnam Jump Wings:
Regular Army Jump badges are the short upswept design
LLDBs(ARVN Special Forces) are the flat wider design
( sometimes it is hard to distinguish one from the other as the Tailor shops did not understand what they were making )
Most of the 5 x Bulk Scans are Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam
( All 5 x Jump Wing Bulk Scans are also listed in the U. S. ARMY GROUND Section )

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-2

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-3

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-4

ARVN_Bulk Scan Jump Wings_140217-5
- - - -
North Vietnam
Early Viet-Minh (circa 1945-54) Medal for Individual Bravery, Used...........(SOLD)
(old UI#244 just ID'd, already on the Foreign page)
- - - -

If you see an item you need copy and paste the verbage that is next to the picture of the desired item in an eMail and send to:

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 Clothing & Gear


- - - -
2962._M41 Field Jackets_Sample Pictures
For M41s that may still be in stock, copy and paste this link into your Web Browser:  http://www.ljmilitaria.com/geargeneral/clothing.htm#2962___m_1941_field_jackets
Also available are: M43s, M50s, M51s, and M65s
- - - -
I have several pre-1970 M65s in stock with the ZINC(silver tone) Zippers; see them on this URL Link(copy and paste it into your Internet Brower) http://www.ljmilitaria.com/geargeneral/clothing.htm#m_1965_field_jacket_section
3108DG_M-1965 Olive Green Field Jacket, dated 1968 with ZINC(silver color) ZIPPER, Sage Green Quarpel Raincoat Lining_140305
- - - -
BrownDOM Camo FJs made by ALPHA INDUSTRIES were issued to the VNMC and USAF that I know of.....possibly to other units.
3120AA_ERDL Brown Dominant M65 Field Jacket, XL-R circa 1970s_140824
3120AA - XL/R, Stock No. 9415-11-267-1284, RN35569, tiny snag on lower front(see pic), SSIs and Tapes neatly removed(minor shadows), all snaps/zippers function and I waxed them, Excellent Color, Used.......inquire
Chest =  52
Shoulder seam-to-seam =  22
Shoulder seam-to-end of Cuff = 24
Sleeve = 35
Back =  30 1/2
(Other ERDL Brown-Leaf Field Jackets available=ask!)
- - - -
7860CJ_OG-107 2-Pocket Fatigue Shirt_CloseUp_140305
- - - -
3508FP_Khaki bag with U. S. ARMY stamped inside_140819
3508FP - Older Khaki bag (15 1/2" x 11 1/2" (+/-)) with "U. S. ARMY" stamped inside flap, one outside compartment has loops which could hold pencils/etc., "D-rings" on back are attached with copper rivets and short leather loops, it looks like a shoulder bag, stains on the backside and in lower corners(see pictures) otherwise it is probably in New Condition, Unused...inquire
(I was told by the Seller this was a "Dispatch Bag" - I don't know the true ID)
- - - -
4862GC - Complete Rucksack with minor usage, No Date, Older Style with only the Upper Horizontal Backstrap, has the older style Brown Nylon strapping, minor wear and stains, no holes or snags, all riveted Frame joints are solid, Frame is straight and has 80%+ Original Paint, Instruction Label is in 90%+ Condition, Overall Excellent Condition+, Used....inquire
Check the right picfile - Quick-Release glove-snap has 99% of Original paint

Check the right picture - bottom of frame has 95% or more of Original paint
- - - -

If you are interested in an item email:

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 Head Gear


- - - -
3290S & T_Ridgeway CAPs by Bancroft and a Large(7 3-8) FALCON "Jump Up"_140305
Bancroft's DAME, Used.......inquire
FALCON, Used........inquire

3290AB_Ridgeway Cap with 35th ARMOR DI_141012
3290AB - size 7, named inside, needs to be re-blocked, 35th ARMOR DI (2 x post) made in Germany (Hallmarked with a "P" in a circle), Good color and condition, Used......inquire

WW2 Ranger/Patrol CAP made in 1944
3330AB_Ranger-Patrol Cap dated 1944_150223
3330AB. 7 1/4 (on the Hang Label and stamped in the lining = a loose Medium), Dated Nov. 9,1944, Last-4 stamped inside and wrinkled from storage, otherwise MINT....inquire

3350AB_M51 Ranger-Patrol Cap, dated 1952_140303
3350AB. 7 1/2 (LARGE), dated 22 MAY, 1952,  Stamped Label: "P.M. MANUFACTURING CO. Q.M. 27489-01-15451, 22 MAY, 1952 SPEC. MIL-C-1911A
STOCK No. 73-C16120 PATT. DATE 11 AUG. 1950 80% WOOL 20% COTTON N.Y.Q.M.P.A.", Never Worn, UnUsed....inquire
More PICs available - if you want a LARGE Wartime Patrol Cap this is it!!!!

3350AC_M51 RANGER-PATROL CAP_140306_Left-Front(stains-Verdegris)
3350AC.  7 1/4, dated 1959,  Stamped Label: "M & B HEADWEAR CO., INC., Q.M (CTM) - 4635-C-60, 25 AUGUST 1959, SPEC. NO. MIL-C-1911C, PATT. DATE 3 MARCH 1958 MC & TSA, EARFLAP-80% WOOL-20% COTTON", Stock # 8405-268-8012, Named inside flap with SN, maybe worn 4-5 times(see pic for sweatband=nice), 2 x small Verdegris stains where bill is sewn and minor stains(see pics), overall in Excellent Condition, Used.......inquire

3350AD_size 7 1/4(Medium), dated 1955, New Condition_140526
3350AD. 7 1/4, dated 1955, Label Reads in part: Contract NO. 10801-9-22-55, SPEC NO. 8405-268-8012, PHILA Q.M. DEPOT, 4 x small moth-holes on the fannel lining of the earflap, Rare find, in NEW Condition.......inquire
4 x small moth-holes on the fannel lining of the earflap

3350AE_Ranger Patrol Cap, size 7 1/2, UnUsed_140615
3350AE. 7 1/2, dated 1959, Label reads in part: MIL-C-1911C, PATT. DATE 3 MARCH 1958, MC & TSA, 8405-268-8009, minor storage marks on top-side of bill(see pic), never worn, NWSM.....inquire
 ( Rare to find this size and in UnUsed Condition )
- - - -
3374AG_ POPLIN OG Boonie Hat, dated 1968, rare size 7 1-4, from a Marine Veteran's Estate_140305

3374AH_RARE size & date_140819
3374AH - 7 1/4, RARE size, Rare date of 1967, I don't think it was ever washed......very minor wear on the sweatband, Used....inquire
- - - -
This Boonie(3508FB-1) and the CAMO Sun Helmet(3508FB-2) came from the same early-RVN era Veteran
3508FB-1_Early-Style OG Boonie Hat with MAAG VIET-NAM SSI and ARC sewn on front_140305
3508FB-1_Boonie Hat, Used.............inquire
3508FB-2_Early-Vietnam era Camouflage SUN Helmet(pith)...................(SOLD)
- - - -
3508FL_Armor Adviser's Field Beret, ARMOR Qualification & 1LT ARVN Rank_140227
Trung-uy's Black Beret with Qualification Badge, probably belonged to an Advisor(?), Used..........inquire

3508FQ_Parachute-CAMO French Style Bush Hat_141012
3508FQ - Old style French Bush Hat made of Parachute type CAMO material (see pics), size Small, writing on Brim(Lao, Thai, or Khmer??), chin strap was replaced with a plastic SEA type twine(see pic), female part of the glove snaps on the top of the brim are missing on both sides, glove-snaps have rusted(normal), aluminum grommets, this is by-far the most wear on any Bush or Boonie I have seen ("SALTY" and "Rode-hard and Put-away-Wet" are good descriptors for the condition), sweatband and brim have been field-repaired with a needle and black thread, heavy fraying from lots of field duty, condition is rough but still functional, Used.....inquire

Left PIC, writing on Top-front of brim
- - - -
3509HO, Thai made OG Fatique cap, KORAT and THAILAND arcs_Right side_140313
3509HO - Thai made OG Fatique cap, size 7 1/4 - 7 3/8, Thai made Arcs: "KORAT" & "THAILAND", has 2 Names directly-embroidered in the back, probably from the early to mid-1960s as most of the seam threads had rotted (I had them resewn so the cap can be worn), 1 small brown stain on top of the flexible bill, it is styled after the Navy and Marine Utility Caps, it was worn with the bill creased (has a peak) like a few of the GIs wore theircaps (see pics), clean and wearable, Used.......inquire

3509HV_Poss 14th SOW Bush Hat & Beercan DI_140701
3509HV - 14th Special Operations Wing with BEERCAN DI made in SEA, Size 58(small) TAN hat with irman 3rd Class(A3C) metal device on front (excellent patina), hat is very-well made and near-new, minor wear, DI and Bush Hat came from the same collection but I do not know if they came from the same Veteran, Used....inquire
( Beercan ID'd from Jerome Polder's USAF Pocket/Shoulder Insignia Volume 1, page 108 )
-------Can be sold seperately-------

3509HX_Camouflage BUSH Hat_140806
3509HX. Camouflage BUSH Hat (almost a size 7 1/4) in the old Brown-Green pattern, old style with the narrow-stitching, camo cloth chin strap with 2 x adjusters (both rusted), 4 x snaps on the right brim to mount a badge(see pics for details), female hook to hold-up the brim is missing (male hook still present-round white item on the brim is a straight-pin to hold-up the brim for the picture), minor usage, Excellent+ Color and Condition, Used......inquire
( Came with 3509HY listed below )
(more PICs available)

3509HY_Olive Green BUSH Hat_140806
3509HY. Olive Green BUSH Hat (a loose 7 1/8), old style with the narrow-stitch lines, leather chin strap cut-off, leatherette sweatband, 4 x snaps on the right brim to mount a badge(see pics for details), female hook to hold-up the brim is missing (male hook still present-round white item on the brim is a straight-pin to hold-up the brim for the picture), minor usage, Excellent+ Color and Condition, Used......inquire
( Came with 3509HX listed above )
(more PICs available)

3509JE_Tahkli Bush Hat_front right
Size Small, "LAND OF KING COBRA" "TAKLI(Tahkli) AIR BASE", old French style that has the peaked crown flatened, paracord chin strap, both snaps work(rust on male-snap, "THAILAND" AND "VIETNAM" on the turned-up brim, Used........inquire

3509JF_Thailand Issue Bush Hat_right side
3509JF - Size Small, Issue Bush Hat with the Black Mosquito Net holder inside the crown (net missing), direct-embroidered: "THAILAND - 71 - 72" " WILL", left-side has one vent-screen that has partially pulled-through(still functional), this one has wear-abrasions all around(.they are the dark spots on the edge of the brim and etc.), Used.......inquire  
- - - -
Other Pile Caps (both M43s and M51s) are available on this Link:  LJMilitaria.com Home Page

5756AD - M-1943 Winter Pile Cap (M43 OD PILE FIELD CAP), size 7 1-4, dated 1944 (P. O. 996), minor wear, Excellent Condition and hard to find, Used......inquire

5756AE - M43 Pile Cap,  7 1/4, dated March 20, 1944, P. O. 8554, Spec. P.Q.D. No. 383, Stock No. 73-C-16365, Phila. Q. M. Depot, both labels are 100% and "7 1/4" is also stamped on the sweatband, Never cleaned, whitish stain on top(see pic) sweatband band could stand an "oil change" if you plan on wearing it(see lower-pic), minor wear, Excellent Condition.....inquire

- - - -

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After selling-off most of my: Boots, Clothing, Equipment, Field Gear, Flight Gear, Head Gear, & etc. last year I have decided to do "Specialty items" such as the NEW 3508SF- Section of my Catalog which will contain U.S. Army Special Forces: Berets, Badged Shirts and Field Jackets plus Dress Uniforms.

There are Special Forces and SOG items still listed on my old site, COPY and PASTE this URL Link into your Browser:  http://www.ljmilitaria.com/armygroundforcespatches/army_special_forces__pathfinder_detachments__rangers_lrrps__recondo__sog__.htm

If you are interested in a quote for one of the 3508SF- items, Copy and Paste the line(s) above the picture into your eMail.


- - - -
Studies & Observation Group

MACV-SOG, Vietnamese Hand-embroidered SSI_140910
This is the BEST Constructed Hand-Embroidered MACV-SOG SSI that I have ever seen, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......Inquire

MACV-SOG on felt, removed from uniform_made in Vietnam_140921
SOG SSI, machine-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

SON TAY RAIDER '21 NOVEMBER 1970', 'Whiteback' made in Japan_300dpi_140804
Japanese made "White-back" scanned at 300dpi, UnUsed........inquire

MACV SOG_Forward Operating Base 'FOB', HE in Vietnam_140821
"FOB", Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

Military Region-3 MIKE Force Woven Skull & Bones patch made in Vietnam_140526
3rd Mobile Strike Force Command (3rd MSFC), subordinate to Company "A", 5th SFGp and based at Long Hai, not many around, UnUsed........inquire
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These SOG patches came from the same Collection

Made in Vietnam, glue stain on upper-left, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

Made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

"CCN RECON RT ALASKA WE KILL FOR PEACE", patch has more detail on the Cobra than many RT Alaska insignias, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Reconnaissance Team MAMBA, made in Thailand, UnUsed........inquire

MACV-SOG_CCN 'RT MISSOURI' 'RECON TEAM', Green Burlap Backing Material_140602
Olive Green Burlap Backing material, made in Vietnam, "CCN TEAM RECON MISSOURI", UnUsed........inquire

MACV-SOG_CCN Shellburst with Skull-Beret_140602
Made in Thailand, excellent workmanship, Unused.......inquire

Made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

MACV-SOG_CCS Coffin with Viet Flag, (maybe Liaison Service 'So Lien Lac')_140602
Not sure about the name of this CCS unit, made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

MACV-SOG_Company C, CCC 'AIRBORNE'_140602
Made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

End of this Collection
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MACV_SOG Beercan DI_140314
Not officially approved, the 4 x symbols on the left are the four U.S. Serivces in SOG.
Made in Vietnam, bottom-post missing, Used.......inquire

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 Special Forces

1st SFOD-DELTA (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta), HOSTAGE RESCUE MISSION-24 APR 1980_140921
See the NOTE below, it explains the purpose of the patch, UnCommon Insignia, UnUsed.......inquire
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Anyone ever see this design of Flash on a Beret from a Veteran?  I have seen another one with a WIDE Yellow Border.
UI#363_46th SF Co_ID'd in Smyth's booklet_2x_140314
46th Special Forces Company in Thailand, Borderless FLASH on Left, UnUsed.........inquire
46th SF Company, Gold Border Flash on Right, UnUsed........(SOLD)
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3508SF-2_early Special Forces Shirt, OG-107 dated 1963

3508SF-3_early Special Forces Shirt, OG-107 dated 1963

3508SF-4_early Special Forces Buck Sergeant's Shirt, OG-107 dated 1963

3508SF-5_early Special Forces Major's OG-107  Shirt, contract NO. 6117, CIB

3508SF-10 & 11_SFC's 3rd Pattern Poplin Special Forces Shirts, CIBs

3508SF-12_M51 Field Jacket from a Special Forces Major, Name Tape removed

3508SF-13_Master Sergeant's M51 Field Jacket_Special Forces, Master Parachutist Wings

3508SF-14_Special Forces Infantry Branch Major's OG-107 Shirt, Name Tape removed

3508SF-16-T (old 5714T)_Beret_Green_7.25,1968_Front-Right_140307

3508SF-16-X (old 5714X)_Beret_Green_7.5,1969_Front-right_140307

3508SF-16-AE (old 5714AE)_Beret_Green, 1969_7.5 Green Beret_140307

3508SF-17_Special Forces, SSG's OG-107 SHIRT with epaulets and Thai Jump Badge

3508SF-18_Special Forces Captain's OG shirt

3508SF-20_Special Forces SHIRT, OG RIPSTOP with RANGER Tab
3508SF-21_Special Forces SHIRT, OG POPLIN Jungle with CIB
3508SF-22_Special Forces SHIRT, OG Tube Sleeve with CIB

3508SF-23, RT Kentucky Veteran's Grouping
3508SF-23-BA_SOG Vetreran_OG Tube Sleeve, SFC sew-on Rank

3508SF-23-BC_SOG Vetreran_Jungle Shirt and Trousers

3508SF-23-BD_SOG Vetreran_Special Forces OG Jungle Shirt with ARVN JUmp Wings

3508SF-23-BI_SOG Vetreran_OG-107 Shirt, US ARMY Tape only

3508SF-23-BK_SOG Vetreran_OG-107 Shirt with color ARVN Jump Badge (Trousers)

3508SF-23-BM_SOG Vetreran_PX OG Permanent-Press Shirt with Trousers

3508SF-24_Colonel's OG-507 Badged SHIRT_several Directly-Embroidered badges
Old time SF Veteran, lots of History on this man.

3508SF-25_SP/5's 10th Special Forces Beret, AG-44 Coat(1st Pattern Dress Green), Airborne Badged Garrison Cap, and Jump Oval

3508SF-26_MACV-SOG Grouping with his SFC's OG-107 Shirt and Presentation BOLO knife marked "SOA CCC" with Viet made wooden display rack

3508SF-27_Special Forces OG-107 shirt with CIB, Master Jump badge, & Blue Thread ARVN Jump Wing
( I have only seen one other Blue-thread ARVN Jump Badge and it had been made in Thailand )

3508SF-28_Double-Badged Special Forces Jungle Shirt with CIB, Jump Badge, Vietnamese Jump wings

3508SF-29, Special Forces DVM Captain_140308
UnCommon Doctor of Veterinarian Jungle Shirt
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Indigenous Rucksacks
 ( Update from a Veteran in February 2006: “.......issued and worn by the SF and the CIDG in the late-1960s and were made in Okinawa.  I started using the rucksack on my second patrol after using the tube version.  It rode better on my back and because we were on 3-day patrols, I didn’t carry much....”

3508SF-30(old 4863D) and 31(old 4863E)_Indigenous Rucksacks

3508SF-30, (old 4863D) "Indigenous Rucksack", NO Markings:
Olive Drab Canvas Rucksack with OG Trim and Browish cotton Straps, Canvas has “anti-fungal” treatment like JEEP tops/WWII Pacific bound Gear, NO labels or stamps (looks ready for cross-border operations(?)), Shoulder Straps are not padded, Small Open-top compartment next to your back (for Maps(?)), 3 Exterior Pockets (2 x side pockets are smaller than the center-rear pocket), Not designed for a Frame, 2 Tie-Strings on Backside near Bottom(possibly used as a “belly-band”(?)), rust on Hardware (can probably be cleaned-up with Naval Jelly(?)), no metal tips on straps, right main compartment strap is damaged(see pictures), center-rear pocket has 2 x small holes in the bottom (see pics), Main Compartment Drawstring is missing, EC

3508SF-31, (old 4863E) "Indigenous Rucksack", NO Markings:
Olive Drab Canvas Rucksack with Green NYLON Trim & Straps, Canvas has “anti-fungal” treatment like JEEP tops/WWII Pacific bound Gear, NO labels or stamps (looks ready for cross-border operations(?)), Shoulder Straps are not padded, Small Open-top compartment next to your back (for Maps(?)), 3 Exterior Pockets (2 x side pockets are smaller than the center-rear pocket), Not designed for a Frame, 2 Tie-Strings on Backside near Bottom(possibly used as a “belly-band”(?)), minor rust on Hardware(can probably be cleaned-up with Naval Jelly(?)), no metal tips on straps, Main Compartment Drawstring is a braided-plastic string, I don’t think this Ruck was ever Issued(?), minor dark storage stains (see pics), NWSM
- - - -
3508SF-32 Special Forces Veteran's Shirt
3508SF-32, 16 1/2 x 32, OG-107 Fatigue Shirt, dated 1967 (DSA 100 67 C-0056-not positive of the exact contrat number-it was stamped, no white label-first one like this I have seen), Metal pin-on SFC Rank, Color Hand-embroidered Airborne Tab and Merrowed-edge SF SSI with a long-pigtail, Subdued Hand-embroidered Tapes, subdued Basic Jump Wing(wing sewn-on with different thread), not much wear, Used....inquire

3508SF-33 Special Forces Veteran's Shirt
3508SF-33,  OG Army Shade 107 Tube Sleeve Shirt, Neck Hang label reads "SMALL", dated 1963 (DSA-1490-63-C), Unevenly spaced 1st and 2nd Buttons, Color: Khaki cut-edge Airborne Arc and SF SSI, CE Buck-Sergeant Rank, stamped Name Tape, Gold on Black woven U.S. ARMY Tape, Basic Jump Badge, several small "rust" color stains on front(see pics), Excellent PLUS Color, minor wear, Used....inquire

3508SF-34 Special Forces Veteran's Shirt
3508SF-34, L/R RipStop Jungle Shirt, dated 1969 (both labels need to be re-sewn), had previous Left Tab, SSI, and Tapes, 1 x SSG metal rank still on collar, Color Khaki cut-edge RANGER Arc, Subdued: merrowed-edge Airborne Tab & SF SSI(SSI has a long pigtail), CIB, Basic ARVN and U.S. Jump Badges, embroidered Tapes, the smallest PATHFINDER sewn-on Left pocket flap I have seen(excellent workmanship with a Bright RED Flame), Several snags on the back and 1 field repair, heavily starched, good color, Used.....inquire

3508SF-35 Special Forces Veteran's Shirt
3508SF-35, SMALL(chest = 41"), OG Tube Sleeve shirt with unevenly spaced 1st and 2nd Flat BROWN Buttons, NO Labels(Issue shirt but no signs of ever having labels), Color: Khaki cut-edge RANGER and AIRBORNE tabs, Blue cut-edge Special Forces SSI, stamped Name Tape with Gold on Black woven U.S. ARMY tape, Senior Parachutist's Badge, 1LT bar sewn on and the old style "fat buttstock" crossed Infantry Branch insignia(not many of these around), Excellent Color, not mucvh wear, Used.....inquire

3508SF-41_ MACV-Team 162 ABN Advisors_141108
3508SF-41. S/S dated 1966, Excellent Color and Condition, Used.........(sold)

3508SF-42_Deputy-Chief JUSMAG, Laotian Advisor-Assistance Unit in Bangkok_141102
3508SF-42. L/L dated 1968, Subdued Thai Made "DEPUTY CHIEF JUSMAG" Laotian Advisor's Combat SSI (it is loose along the sides and partially on top and bottom (can be resewn-plenty of border material left)), Hand-Embroidered Thai Badge about 1/8" thick(well made), washed 5-6 times(needs to be ironed), Excellent Color and Condition, Used.......(SOLD)

3508SF-43_Laotian Jump Wing_141108
3508SF-43. dated 1964, Laotian Jump Badge(excellent workmanship-maybe done in Thailand(?)), SFC(or Platoon Sergeant) Rank on sleeves, Excellent Color and Condition, Used....inquire

3508SF-44_Dutch Jump Wing_141108
3508SF-44. Dutch Paratrooper Wing, Excellent color and Condition, Used........inquire

3508SF-45_Egyptian Master Jump Badge_141108
3508SF-45. SMALL, Egyptian Master Jump Badge(maybe called an Instructor's Badge?),, Excellent Color and Condition, Used........inquire   

3508SF-46. ReProduction of "THE GREEN BERET" Magazine,

"A Publication of 5th Special Forces Group(Abn), Vietnam":
A- Volume I & Index 1966, not much use, Used......inquire
B- Volume II 1967, minor wear, Used.....................inquire
C- Volume III 1968, very minor usage, Used......inquire
D- Volume IV 1969, Great Condition, Used......inquire
E- Volume V 1970, not much usage, Used.....inquire

All of these are in Excellent Condition = I don't think they were used as "reference books".

Other 3508SF- items to be listed as I acquire them

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A,H,E,I,L - 75th Ranger Companies, made in Japan_5x_141001
A/75th AIRBORNE/RANGER Scroll, made in Japan,  scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
H/75th AIRBORNE/RANGER Scroll, made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
E/75th AIRBORNE/RANGER Scroll, made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
I/75th AIRBORNE/RANGER Scroll, made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
L/75th AIRBORNE/RANGER Scroll, made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
( All five came from the same Collection )

199th LIB, 3rd BN, 7th INF REGT 'RECON' 'SAT CONG'_140921
199th Light Infantry Brigade, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment RECON, "SAT CONG", made in Vietnam, RFU, Used......inquire
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